Taylor Swift Fans Are Convinced She and Travis Kelce Wore Matching Squirrel Sweaters to Holiday Party

Taylor Swift Fans Are Convinced She and Travis Kelce Wore Matching Squirrel Sweaters to Holiday Party


While fans knew Taylor Swift joined Travis Kelce in Kansas City at the start of December, many Swifties were surprised to learn the couple attended a Kansas City Chiefs holiday party. Even better? Fans are convinced Swift and Kelce wore matching squirrel sweaters to the event.


On Saturday, Dec. 2, a fan posted a photo on X taken of Kelce and Swift at a bar named Miracle where the NFL team held the party. In the snap, Swift faced the direction of the camera while talking with Patrick Mahomes as Kelce stood nearby.

Many fans found the moment adorable, with replies like, “How cute 🥰💕🤩,” and “I think it’s the sweetest thing to coordinate clothes with your loved one,” the latter translated from Portuguese.

Others took issue with someone posting a photo taken without Kelce, Swift and the Mahomes’ consent, as one wrote, “Be a real fan and delete this 🙂.”

As some debated the ethics regarding the photo, many couldn’t help but focus on the image and try to decipher what was on Swift’s sweater—and many have concluded that it was a squirrel. Some TikTok users have gone so far as to find the exact sweater from Amazon.

One fan wrote, “I CAN ALMOST SEE THE SQUIRREL SWEATER – I NEED MORE,” as a different Swiftie shared a text message from a friend (reportedly at the party) saying Swift and Kelce wore matching squirrel sweaters.

Many guessed this was in reference to Kelce’s past tweets, with one fan-favorite post reading, “I just gave a squirle [sic] a peice [sic] of bread and it straight smashed all of it!!!! I had no idea they ate bread like that!! Haha #crazy.”

After the tweets resurfaced recently, Kelce reacted to them on his podcast with brother Jason Kelce, New Heights, saying, “I’m just out here just saying nonsense.”

Others recalled a social media post from Swift in 2021 when she dressed up as a squirrel for Halloween. But no matter why the two might’ve rocked squirrel holiday sweaters, fans are very excited about the possibility that it’s true.

One emotionally said, “If this is real I will actually cry,” as another Swiftie wrote, “I need a photo of this like I need oxygen.”

“Love this for her actually🤔,” said a third.

Kelce and Swift have been going strong ever since they were first romantically connected in September, and fans eagerly wait for any updates from the singer and her beau.


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