Patrick Mahomes reacts to Travis Kelce’s sad news: This is an Ugly moment for Travis Kelce

Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce


Patrick Mahomes has decided to concentrate on the positives of Travis Kelce’s ugly moment during a recent Kansas City Chiefs practice. The Chiefs are now working with pads as they prepare for the new season, hoping to add to their latest Super Bowl success.


But while the entrance of the pads usually brings some much-needed positive headlines following weeks of softer conditioning, Chiefs superstar Kelce made headlines for the wrong reasons.

Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes

Kelce caught a touchdown pass ahead of a defender coming in a little late to attempt to punch the ball free, although the defender did pull out a little when he realized the pass had already been safely cradled by Kelce.

Still, Kelce, who is one of the league’s best tight ends, took exception and punched the defender, leading to a scuffle. Thankfully, everyone involved was wearing a helmet, so it’s unlikely any real effects were felt.


Still, it was an ugly moment that Kelce has since apologized for, writing on social media: “Gotta be a better teammate, gotta be a better leader, simple as that.”

Mahomes weighs in

Chiefs QB Mahomes has now had his say on the incident, and he has decided to see the positive side, claiming the punch was a sign that the Chiefs haven’t lost their competitive edge after claiming the ultimate prize last season.

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“I think we all have [the edge]. We have a lot of guys out here that are super-competitive, but it’s about just doing it the right way,” Mahomes said.

“Trav punching the guy, not necessarily the way you want to do it, but you love the fire. You love the fire on both sides of the ball trying to finish to the last second.”


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