Patrick Mahomes gets trashed by NFL fans; This is Not what Patrick expected…

Patrick Mahomes I'll do my best to chase Tom


Patrick Mahomes gets trashed by fans for ‘behind the back’ pass video at Kansas City Chiefs training camp. Quarterback’s bold move garners mixed reactions online, while teammates applaud him.


Patrick Mahomes continues to solidify his legacy as one of theNFL’s all-time greats. The quarterback, who boasts two Super Bowl victories, a slew of prestigious awards, and a trail of broken records, is once again making waves. This time, he’s aiming for an unprecedented feat: executing the first successful behind-the-back pass in NFL history. A tantalizing sneak peek of Mahomes attempting this daring move during training camp has ignited a frenzy among football enthusiasts.

Andy Reid epic response to question draws Patrick Mahomes

The Kansas City Chiefs’ official Twitter account recently posted a captivating video clip, capturing the moment when Mahomes effortlessly unleashed a behind-the-back pass to his teammate Skyy Moore. This extraordinary display of skill has sparked debates and discussions among fans worldwide.

While some hail Mahomes as a trailblazer pushing the boundaries of the game, a faction of online fans has voiced skepticism. Comments like, “This undermines the essence of the game we cherish, and it’s disheartening to see no action taken,” and “Should I be genuinely impressed by this? It appears unremarkable and quite achievable,” reveal the divided sentiments within the fan base.


Chris Jones and Patrick Mahomes

Numerous supporters chimed in with remarks such as “This hardly qualifies as impressive” and “Let’s be realistic… he could have easily executed a conventional throw or a shovel pass,” while another opined, “If he truly possesses exceptional skills, he should execute behind-the-back passes consistently.”

Teammates’ reactions to Mahomes’ behind-the-back pass

Despite the critique, Patrick Mahomes continues to draw predominantly positive reactions for his eye-popping behind-the-back pass attempt. This is not the first instance of Mahomes exhibiting this audacious move during training camp, but it’s nevertheless electrifying to witness. The admiration isn’t limited to the fans; Mahomes’ fellow teammates and coaches have been effusive in their praise.

Patrick Mahomes I'll do my best to chase Tom

During an interview with KCTV5, a few teammates weighed in on the audacious pass. Offensive tackle Wanya Morris, admittedly not having witnessed the moment, marveled, “He’s truly a magician. It’s mind-blowing.

I’ll review the footage post-practice and think, ‘I had no clue he pulled that off.’ As an offensive lineman, your focus isn’t on the ball; you have to intuitively track its position. To witness him achieve such accuracy with a behind-the-back pass is simply astonishing. Let’s be honest-no one else can replicate that.”

Patrick Mahomes Great player, legend

Safety Justin Reed, another player who caught wind of the spectacle, shared his perspective: “I didn’t personally witness it, but I’m not surprised. Mahomes introduces innovative elements all the time. I’ve seen him experimenting with cross-body left-handed throws during pregame warm-ups. He infuses a sense of fun and continuously pushes his boundaries.”

As football aficionados eagerly await the upcoming season, the mere prospect of a behind-the-back pass manifesting in an NFL game is tantalizing. The notion of such an unprecedented maneuver culminating in a touchdown is nothing short of extraordinary.

Patrick Mahomes Great Team, ,

As Mahomes stands on the precipice of rewriting the playbook yet again, the sports world holds its collective breath, bracing for a performance that might etch his name into the annals of football history in an entirely new context.


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