NFL News: Bengals QB Joe Burrow sends threat to Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce

NFL News: Bengals QB Joe Burrow sends threat to Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce


Joe Burrow is trying to defend the honor of the Cincinnati Bengals. During this offseason, there has been a lot of problems between his team and the Kansas City Chiefs, so the quarterback has had enough and decided to send a threat to Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce.


NFL News: Bengals QB Joe Burrow sends threat to Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce

In 2020, the Cincinnati Bengals selected Joe Burrow with the 1st-overall pick in the NFL Draft. Since then, the quarterback has led a highly potent offense, coming close to winning Super Bowl LVI.

On the other hand is Patrick Mahomes, who undoubtedly changed everything for the Chiefs. Alongside Travis Kelce, the quarterback has been able to win two Super Bowls with Kansas City, and it seems like he won’t stop there.

Bengals vs Chiefs: Joe Burrow threatens Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce
Cincinnati and Kansas City certainly knew how to select quarterbacks a few years ago. Joe Burrow entered the league in 2020, while Patrick Mahomes did so in 2017, and they have already forged a new rivalry in the league between both teams.

Burrow has faced the Chiefs four times in his career, including two postseason matchups. The quarterback holds a 3-1 record against Kansas City, but that loss was particularly painful as it occurred in last year’s AFC Championship, with a ticket to Super Bowl LVII at stake.

Before that game, Bengals fans intensified the rivalry. They were confident that Burrow would defeat Mahomes once again and began mocking the AFC West squad. However, the outcome of the match favored Kansas City, and the Chiefs exacted revenge for all the jokes made against them.

Ja’Marr Chase, Bengals wide receiver, made a bold statement about Burrow, calling him the best quarterback in the league with a defiant remark: ‘Pat who?’. Mahomes took note of these words and shared them on Twitter… accompanied by a picture of his second Super Bowl ring.

Now, Burrow has jumped into the fight by sending a threat to Mahomes and Kelce. “The best thing about that is it’s all settled on the field. So, we’ll see them in December,” the 26-year-old said in an interview with Kameron Hay of Complex Sports.

Burrow will face the Chiefs once again in December when the Cincinnati Bengals go head-to-head against Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium on New Year’s Eve. It will undoubtedly be an exhilarating match, fueling the flames of this new rivalry in the NFL.


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