NFL Fans Spot Something Odd About Brittany Mahomes’ Family Photo

NFL Fans Spot Something Odd About Brittany Mahomes’ Family Photo


Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his wife, Brittany, have had a magical 2023.


NFL Fans Spot Something Odd About Brittany Mahomes’ Family Photo

That off-the-field success coupled with all the winning Kansas City has done this year has made the past 12 months very special for the Mahomes clan.

This past week, Brittany took to social media to share a family holiday photo featuring herself, Patrick, their 2years-old daughter Sterling Skye Mahomes and their 10 months son Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III.

Eagle-eyed NFL fans couldn’t help but notice one issue, though.

“It’s odd to me how many celebrities have zero issue flashing off their daughters, yet hide the identities of their sons,” a fan wrote.

“Why do you guys flash the girl and not the boy???” a second fan agreed.

“Why can we see the girl but not the boy?” a third person added.

Brittany has yet to address the controversy, but that is probably because it is just one of many that she has had to deal with in recent months. Between the outrage she sparked with her boys versus girls comment and her extremely strong message to her critics – it has been one thing after another.

While Brittany is never afraid to push back against the criticism, she also seems to understand that it is part of the life she and Patrick chose. It is the same reason why her Christmas party outfit was such big news, her wild birthday party made headlines and her vacation pictures caused such a stir.

Plus, Brittany probably looks at her brother-in-law, Jackson, and realizes that things could be worse. He gets roasted on a seemingly-weekly basis for the new and unique ways he finds to humiliate the family name.

Big picture, Brittany is only in the spotlight because Patrick and the Chiefs are so good. And based on how they have been playing this season, that isn’t going to end any time soon.

Kansas City is 12-3, has won three straight outings, and is looking to be cruising into the playoffs with a ton of momentum.


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