NFL fans overwhelmed as Travis Kelce & Pregnant Kayla Nicole announce Baby name

Kayla Nicole Facts About Travis Kelce


Donna Kelce , the mother of Travis Kelce has given her nod to Kayla Nicole’s pregnancy with six-word as she expressed her feeling and intention towards the proposed marriage between his son and Kayla Nicole.



Travis Kelce and Pregnant fiance Kayla Nicole Marvels fan's revealing the gender of their baby

Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole officially Announced pregnancy in early July. Travis Kelce and Pregnant fiance Kayla Nicole has stunned fans while revealing the sex of their baby-They are having a baby girl ????

How did Travis Kelce fare in the 2022 NFL season?

Travis Kelce had a spectacular 2022 season with the Kansas City Chiefs. He helped Andy Reid’s side win Super Bowl LVII by beating the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 in the big game.

Travis Kelce’s mom approves Kayla Nicole’s ‘suns out buns out’ message

He racked up a staggering 1,138 yards and 12 touchdowns on 110 receptions across the regular season. Kelce continued his sublime run in the postseason and finished with 257 yards and four touchdowns on 27 receptions.


NFL star Travis Kelce denies cheating on fitness influencer Kayla Nicole as he confirms split

The tight end caught one touchdown in the Super Bowl as well to help the Chiefs overcome the Eagles at the State Farm Stadium in Arizona. The win in the big game was Kelce’s second Super Bowl triumph with Kansas City.

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is always making headlines with his amazing plays during game time.

Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole's Cutest Pictures

Now, the star tight end is answering all the questions you might be wondering about his personal dating life amid his return to the national spotlight.

Earlier this year, Travis sat down for an interview, revealed his relationship status, if he’s still dating his girlfriend of five years Kayla Nicole, and dispelled a huge rumor that has been circulating for most of 2022 about his love life.

Travis Kelce Appears to be Engaged to Girlfriend Kayla Nicole pic

Yes Travis and Kayla Nicole are together and she is pregnant for him

Travis Kelce and Pregnant fiance Kayla Nicole Marvels fan’s revealing the sex of their baby-They are having a baby girl ????

Travis Kelce’s mom has given her nod to Kayla Nicole’s pregnancy

Donna Kelce has reportedly given her approval to Kayla Nicole’s pregnancy. Those close to the mother of two Super Bowl 2023 athletes have revealed that the mother was full of joy and surprise when she heard of Kayla Nicole’s pregnancy. And she said, “My daughter is pregnant. Welcome Home”

Travis, Jason Kelce's mom Donna and Kalya Nicole

An unconfirmed source, who claims to be an insider of the Kelce’s family has told reporters that Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole reportedly told Donna Kelce that they want the baby to be named after her.

Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole’s relationship gone through tough times over a year ago, but she apparently is still friendly with his mother Donna. Nicole posted a reel to her Instagram page as part of a brand partnership with HydraFacial.

In the reel, she said “suns out buns out” and discussed the importance of taking care of one’s body, especially during the summer. She then went on to say how a HydraFacial is an important part of maintaining a healthy body care routine.

Travis Kelce breaks silence on Kayla Nicole relationship and slams claims he was a cheap

Although Kayla Nicole is no stranger to brand partnerships, she does have over 600,000 followers on Instagram. Which has made her a well-known social media influencer. What truly caught her followers’ attention was one of the likes she received on the reel.

It was from none other than Donna Kelce, Travis’ mother. Despite rumors of a messy breakup, it’s clear that the Kansas City Chiefs tight end’s family still support her.

NFL star Travis Kelce denies cheating on fitness influencer Kayla Nicole as he confirms split

Kayla and Travis began dating in 2017 and broke up in 2020. Shortly after that, however, they got back together and then broke up again in early 2022.

Just last week, Nicole posted on Instagram that she was tired of people bringing up her previous relationship. Asking those on the social media platform to refrain from talking about it on her page.


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