Four Days After Kayla’s Heartbreak, Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Brittany Shares Emotional Tears

Four Days After Kayla's Heartbreak, Patrick Mahomes' Wife Brittany Shares Emotional Tears


Amidst the tension between former best friends, Mahomes’ wife shared an emotional moment on her Instagram story.


Four Days After Kayla's Heartbreak, Patrick Mahomes' Wife Brittany Shares Emotional Tears

Trouble in Brittany-Kayla Friendship

It is no surprise that Swift and Kelce are being flocked by their fans at the moment. Even though nothing is set in stone, netizens are convinced that the duo is together. With all the shenanigans going around, Brittany and Patrick Mahomes are seemingly getting closer to the pop singer.

Brittany also shared a couple of laughs with the Grammy winner during the Kansas City Chiefs vs New York Jets game. Kelce’s ex, Nicole, seemingly didn’t like this as she later unfollowed Brittany, as well as Patrick Mahomes, on Instagram.

Despite all the drama, Brittany is yet to unfollow Kelce’s ex and her good friend, Nicole. The NFL star wife took to Instagram while sharing a personal moment with her son. The 28-year-old mother shared a video of her son snuggling with her, stating,” Some nights this dude just needs serious snuggles.”

She continued with another story: “And I love every second of it.” The mother of two melted viewers’ hearts with the emotional moment. It seems the whole Nicole incident does not affect Mahomes’ wife.

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes getting close to Swift
With the increasing buzz around Kelce and Swift dating rumors, fans are also observing the bond between the singer and the Mahomes couple. Brittany did not look bothered by Kayla unfollowing the Mahomes couple and Jackson Mahomes. Moreover, Mahomes’ wife recently went on an outing with Swift.

After the Chiefs vs. Jets game, Swift and Brittany went to dinner with Balek Lively and Sophie Turner. The group spent four hours at the Italian restaurant Emilio’s Ballato. Kayla reportedly unfollowed Brittany and Patrick Mahomes on the same day. Mahomes and his wife do not seem to be interested in clearing out the air. Nicole’s reps also refused to make any comment on the matter, according to People.


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