Ex-girlfriend Kayla Nicole Isn’t giving up ‘ NFL Saddened over her 6 dreadful warning message to Travis & Taylor

Ex-girlfriend Kayla Nicole Isn't giving up ' NFL Saddened over her 6 dreadful warning message to Travis & Taylor


A recent TikTok video by Kayla Nicole has her followers happy that the sports journalist is finally getting away from the Travis Kelce-Taylor Swift media storm.


Kayla Nicole has seen a surge in media coverage and fan attention ever since her ex started dating world-famous pop star Taylor Swift. Nicole and Kelce were a popular item when they were together. The pair dated on and off for five years before calling it quits in 2022.

However, since their break-up and the Super Bowl champion tight end’s subsequent relationship, the 31-year-old social media influencer has been held under a microscope. For starters, when Kelce and Swift were seen leaving one of his games together, social media went into a frenzy, comparing Nicole to the singer.

Some online users called Nicole a gold digger, a reputation that developed from a rumor that she called Kelce cheap. Kelce denied the latter in a podcast, saying, “Don’t buy into that s—t. I would never say I was supporting her…but you gotta be crazy if you think I never helped or gave a couple dollars.”

In Nicole’s latest TikTok post, it appears she is using her flight response to get away from all the negativity. In the video, Nicole danced to “Wassup Gway” by FamousSally and YB while boarding a small passenger plane on a tarmac. The influencer captioned the post: “Therapist: ‘You can’t keep flying away from your problems.’”

Nicole’s fans commented on her TikTok, celebrating the fact that she was getting away. “Girl, live your life!!! Have fun. I am cheering for you,” one follower wrote, while another said, “Best solution to every problem I’ll forever be running up them frequent flyer miles.”

While most fans were happy for Nicole, a few other commenters felt the need to bring up Swift. “[Taylor Swift] has two multi-million private jets and won 324 awards. Just saying,” a commenter wrote, followed by a commenter who said, “She so salty.”

Nicole has never outright responded to negative comments, but she recently made an Instagram video on Oct. 9 speaking about “backlash and embarrassment.” She started the video by saying, “It’s always been really important for me to use my platform, not to create division, but to elevate and unite women, Black women specifically.”

She also talked about being “called a traitor for falling in love.” She said, “You’ll hope the ones closest will protect you, but you will quickly find out that people don’t protect what they don’t value.”

The young socialite continued, “They’ll say you’re too much, too provocative, too boisterous, too outspoken, and in the same breath, tell you that you aren’t enough. They’ll say you deserve the backlash and embarrassment. Because of your Blackness, you should have known better.”

Nicole said that her “truth, trauma, and vulnerability” are all a part of the human experience. During the Renaissance Woman panel at Advertising Week in New York on Oct. 18, Nicole gave some context about what she was going through and the Instagram video.

Nicole said, “I work in social media, but this was far beyond social media.” She called the situation a “media storm” because her name was, and still is, brought up on a daily basis. Nicole said she tried to stay quiet to ensure everybody else was OK, but at some point, she “had to say something.”

That is what led to her decision to make the video. Nicole said she is proud of the video, and she did it not only for herself but for other women as well.


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