Dazzling Brittany Matthews Twerks Like Crazy For Patrick Mahomes (Video)

Brittany Matthews reacts to Patrick Mahomes contract


Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his beautiful wife Brittany Matthews were out on the town this past week. While out and about, the pair made headlines for getting particularly frisky. But the fun times didn’t stop there.



In a TikTok video posted by Patrick’s younger brother, Jackson, Matthews can also be seen twerking like crazy for the Chiefs quarterback. Jackson’s excitement to post this sort of stuff, that shouldn’t come as much of a shock.




Ride or die

♬ His & Hers – Internet Money & Gunna

Patrick Mahomes wife Brittany Matthew is, is known for being one of the most loud and objectionable girlfriends/wives out of NFL players.

While Mahomes brother, Jackson, has become pretty famous on the TikTok app and recently Brittany made her debut and twerked all over the screen. If you are looking for more videos on Brittany Matthews twerking like crazy, we have you covered for that too.


Brit get out the video lol

♬ His & Hers – Internet Money & Gunna

Hopefully next time she will twerk longer because let’s be honest, she’s a dime. In another video, Jackson and Brittany decided to do another dance while a confused Patrick just sat there and ate his food. Around The Web.


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