Why Jason Kelce Is Calling on Fans to ‘Rig’ the People’s Choice Awards in Travis Kelce’s Favor

Why Jason Kelce Is Calling on Fans to ‘Rig’ the People’s Choice Awards in Travis Kelce’s Favor


On the Wednesday, Jan. 17 episode of their New Heights podcast, Jason and Travis Kelce discussed various awards and titles the brothers have won or been up for, leading Jason to ask fans to rig a win for his little brother.


The conversation began as they brought up Jason being named First Team All-Pro this season, making it his sixth time earning the honor. The First Team All-Pro title is given to players in the NFL who the Associated Press and other sporting publications decide were the best in their position that given season.

Travis was named on the NFLPA Players’ list, but according to the brothers, the Associated Press’ list is “very unbiased” and appears to be the most respected of the bunch.

Moving on, Jason brought up an award only Travis is nominated for: The People’s Choice Awards’ Athlete of the Year. Looking at the other nominees, Travis is competing against athletes like LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Simone Biles and more.

Hoping Travis can bring home the award, Jason declared, “It’s pretty cool…Let’s get this thing rigged. Let’s start voting up the Big Yeti for the People’s Choice Awards Athlete of the Year.”

To make it a little easier, he also explained the voting process for New Heights listeners, noting that fans can vote once a day until Jan. 19.

Travis then joked, putting on a sad face and saying, “I want an award! Jason gets Sexiest Man of the Year, First Team AP All-Pro. I want…”

But Jason cut in to clarify, “But I’m not the people’s Sexiest Man of the Year. If it’s a democratic process, I’m not getting Sexiest Man of the Year.”

That’s like one person’s opinion,” he continued joking, as the brothers laughed together.

Fans can check out if Travis brings home the People’s Choice Awards on Feb. 18, when the award show airs.


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