What happened to Brittany Mahomes? Patrick Mahomes’ wife suffering with illness

What happened to Brittany Mahomes? Patrick Mahomes' wife suffering with illness


Brittany Mahomes has been recently sharing about the stomach bug that affected her son and daughter. The mother of two was worried about her children’s health but now announced that she was also down with it.


The former professional soccer player uploaded a series of stories to her Instagram account where she let her fans know that the issue first affected her son, Bronze, then her daughter, Syerling Skye, and has now finally been causing an inconvenience to her.

She wrote:

“Welp guys, whatever the hell this bug is has now got me.

Fans certainly hope to see her get better and attend the next Kansas City Chiefs game on October 30. Her husband, Patrick Mahomes, will play against the Russell Wilson-led Denver Broncos.

Brittany Mahomes’ friendship with Taylor Swift is causing a lot of buzz
Before being down with a stomach bug, Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift, spent time with each other when they attended numerous Chiefs games together.

The ladies were seen shaking hands and hugging each other whenever the Chiefs scored touchdowns. Us Weekly also reported that the two have been enjoying each other’s company and want to stay in touch with each other.

The duo is receiving several compliments from NFL fans. However, many believe that Brittany only wants to be friends with the pop star because doing so will keep her in the spotlight.

The Undisputed hosts, Skip Bayless and Michael Irvin, absolutely believed that the co-owner of the Kansas City Current “really wants” to stay in the public eye.

Bayless said:

“I don’t even know how Travis got it in the endzone. It was a dangerous play but the point was flash up to the box Taylor Swift and Mahomes’ wife had choreographed and obviously rehearsed a touchdown celebration.”

Irvin replied:

“People have already gotten on Patrick Mahomes’ wife because they thought she would like too much of the spotlight, and now she gets it – Brittany Mahomes really wants Taylor Swift as her bestie.”
There were other fans who were comparing Taylor and Brittany’s gameday styles. Many of them believed that the 12-time Grammy Award winner was “effortlessly cute,” while Brittany always did the most.


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