Venus Williams, 43, : “I’m Still A Virgin… Never Had Sex Or Slept With Any Man Before”

Venus Williams discusses King Richard


Virginity at 43 isn’t believable in the current world where people get into relationships as early as in their teens. However, we do have a few who’ve seemingly broken the norm. So, if you think the 43-year-old virgin is just a movie, think again.

One of these honorable women includes Venus William, a 7-time grand slam winner, who is confirming that it’s indeed possible to be a virgin even at 43. Tennis star Venus Williams is still a virgin according to inside source.

Venus Williams and boyfriend millionaire Nicholas Hammond dating in Melbourne

Venus Williams is sticking to her strict Jehovah Witness upbringing. Jehovah Witness practice does not allow sex before marriage. Venus’ sister Serena did not abide by the rule of sex without marriage as she had numerous relationships before getting married and giving birth to a daughter.

“It is funny because Venus decided as a child that she would wait until she finds her husband before having sex, Serena did not go that route. But it turns out that Serena is married while Venus is still looking for a husband,” the source said.

Elio Pis and Venus Williams dated for five years

‘I’m single,’ Venus Williams shouts

Venus says it is a cause close to her heart. She has always been very vocal about the fact she doesn’t believe in sex before marriage and I ask her if she is dating at the moment. ‘I’m single,’ she shouts, giving a booming laugh.

Venus Williams opens up about her 43nd birthday

Here I am, sitting waiting for Venus Williams in a hotel room: I keep getting texts from her manager/PR/agent giving me updates — Venus is still on the court. Venus is in the shower. Venus is getting in the car, ooh, no she’s not. Venus is definitely on her way.

At long last, she bounds into the room, in head-to-toe white towelling tracksuit and snowy sneakers, waist-length hair in braids whiplashing all and sundry, and she gives me a great big wet kiss.

Serena and Venus Williams dancing

‘I am so, so sorry,’ she says in her slow, soft drawl, grabbing an armful of grapes (she is always, always hungry). ‘I was working on my shots and I lost all track of time.’

Not many multi-millionaire, spoilt, cosseted superstars apologise for being late, but as it turns out Venus is so controlled, so disciplined, so stifled and imprisoned by her own extraordinary talent that for all her wealth and fame and success (prize money alone won by Venus and her younger sister Serena is £60million and counting), by the time we’ve finished our long chat, I feel desperately sorry for her.

Take this exchange. What did you do for your 41 birthday (a few days ago)? ‘Ummm. I think I was training. I get up real early, I train, I go to the gym, I travel some place, I eat and I sleep. That’s about it.’

Tennis champs Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal and Venus

But now that you’re at home, will you be able to go out and do some shopping, some sightseeing, have dinner in a fancy restaurant?

‘I definitely won’t have time for shopping, although the dollar is really weak at the moment so maybe that’s just as well.’

I ask if she wears make-up on court and she says no, maybe some eyeliner, but she is often too tired to take it off at the end of the day.

Venus Williams and her boyfriend Golfer Hank Kuehne
Venus Williams and her boyfriend Golfer Hank Kuehne

Like most fiercely competitive athletes, she comes across as incredibly meek and mild when off-duty, and is painfully keen to cause no offence to anyone. Yet there is an awful lot bubbling away just below the surface. She is like a coiled spring.

Venus Williams: “I’m Still A Virgin… Never Slept With Any Man Before”

Is it hard for her to meet men? Are they intimidated by her? Venus guffaws. ‘It’s not that hard,’ she says, ‘although I never meet men on the circuit, I tend to meet them back home in Florida. It is hard to find someone who is as tall as me, though (she is 6ft 2in), so I don’t have to wear flat shoes.’

Hank Kuehne and Venus Williams
Venus Williams and her boyfriend Golfer Hank Kuehne

Recently she was seeing an Italian film director, and I ask if she is still a virgin and she almost chokes. ‘Let’s just say I don’t want to go there,’ and I see a twinkle in her eye.

Come on, Venus, have you done it yet? She squirms like a teenager and said, “No!, I have never done it before; never slept with any man before.”

Venus Williams, 41 and her 29-year-old millionaire boyfriend kiss

She denies being lonely, holed up in her little house in Wimbledon village. I wish her luck as she signs two tennis balls for me in her careful handwriting, and she goes back to her routine of eat, sleep, train, gym, practise.

She is a giant, immensely likeable, shy child-woman whose career has been a cocoon as much as a vehicle to untold riches. I hope she gets a life outside the court. She so deserves it.


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