Travis Kelce Sends a Bold Message to girlfriend Taylor Swift and fans love it


Travis Kelce appears to have sent a strong message to his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, out in the crowd during the Chiefs’ playoff game against the Bills on Sunday, Jan. 21.


After scoring a touchdown during the second quarter of the game, bringing their score up from 6 to 12 and overtaking the Bills, who had 10 points, he blew a kiss across the crowd before holding his hands in front of his chest, shaping them into a heart that was knocked out of place when one of his teammates knocked into him in celebration

It’s unclear if he was facing the direction of the box his family and friends enjoyed the game from, so it may have also been a cheeky message to Bills fans—he was spotted throwing the symbol to a section of booers during warmups, too—but it’s safe to assume that he adopted the motion from the superstar, making it a subtle if not direct message to her, too.

If you’re unfamiliar, the heart hands symbol has long been associated with Swift, who has used the gesture since high school.

“The heart-hand symbol means something between ‘I love you’ and ‘thank you,’” she explained to the New York Times all the way back in 2011. “It’s just a sweet, simple message that you can deliver without saying a word.”

One day, very early in her career, she was playing at a festival when she had the impulse to hold her hands above her head and send a heart to the crowd, who began cheering and returning the symbol.

“When the moment is just right and the crowd is screaming louder than any sound I ever imagined I’d hear, I just want to tell them I love them over and over, but sometimes the simplest thing to do is to make a sign with your hands,” she added.

Swift’s The Lorax costar Zac Efron got in on the fun from home, sending the heart hands right back at the screen in a photo originally uploaded to his Instagram Stories. “Playoffs baby 🫶,” he captioned the snap, which was taken from behind and showed him sitting on his couch with his hands held high above his head in response.

We’re willing to bet many Swifties responded in kind, too!


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