Travis Kelce finally speaks the Truth between him and Taylor swift Romance – persuade fan’s not to drag his pregnant fiancee in this

Travis Kelce Reveals Family's Reaction to Taylor Swift's


Taylor Swift attended the Kansas City Chiefs game on Sunday. The sometimes-polarizing wife of quarterback Patrick Mahomes has never shied away from the spotlight, but some people believe she wouldn’t be thrilled about the pop star stealing the show.


Travis Kelce finally speaks the Truth between him and Taylor swift Romance -  persuade  fan's not to drag his pregnant fiancee in this

The memes on X, formerly Twitter, got a little carried away with the imaginary jealousy between the two women, especially when it doesn’t appear that the two women interacted at the game. One account wrote, along with a video of Swift and rumored boyfriend Travis Kelce walking side-by-side after the game, “Kinda crazy that Taylor Swift is the most famous person in the Chiefs locker room. Brittany Mahomes has to be punching air.” Another showed Swift picking up after herself in the suite and noted, “Brittany Mahomes sprays champagne on fans after wins, and Taylor Swift cleans up her trash so other people don’t have to. My chiefs queen right there.”

Brittany appeared to be pretty unbothered by Swift’s presence, choosing to focus on her adorable kids, Sterling Skye, 2, and Patrick “Bronze” Lavon, nine months. The family was decked out in red, gold, and white in support of “Dad.” She might not be everyone’s favorite football wife, but Patrick knows how tough she is as a former athlete. “If you played any sports, you know [there are] as many people that enjoy how you play and the effort that you give [as] people that are always going to hate on you,” he shared with E! News. “And so she has a good sense of that.”

Honestly, there is no reason to pit the women against each other because we have a feeling that any interaction between Swift and Brittany would probably be rather pleasant. And one account shared that same sentiment, “I hope Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes become best friends and raise babies together just to piss people off.” We are here for Swift’s football era and her WAG bestie.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce needed a blank space for their dinner date.

After the duo left the Kansas City Chiefs game together Sunday, a TikTok user claimed the singer, who is worth an estimated $740 million, paid to clear out a local restaurant.

“I just got a call from a friend [in Missouri] and Taylor is going into a place, and she just paid for everybody in the restaurant so they would leave,” the fan alleged in a since-deleted video.

“They were eating and the waitress came up to them and said, ‘Here’s the deal. Everything’s paid for, but you have to leave, like, right now,’” she continued. “How freaking insane is this?”

The social media user clarified, “Oh and, of course, she’s with Travis Kelce.”

She went on to write in a comment that, according to her eyewitness pal, “a bunch of the other players arrived” at the restaurant.

The TikToker did not name the establishment in the upload.

Swifties expressed mixed feelings in the comments section, with many calling the outing a “rom-com fairytale.”

However, another wrote, “While I love this for her, I’d be so annoyed if I was being pressure[d] to leave just bc someone wanted privacy. Like, go home.”

The songwriter, 33, put fans into a frenzy when she watched Kelce’s team beat the Chicago Bears over the weekend, cheering from the athlete’s box with his mom, Donna Kelce.

Not only did the duo walk out together, but Twitter users claimed they even drove away from Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium in the same car.

Kelce, also 33, has reportedly been “hanging out” with the Grammy winner since earlier this month — but the pair have yet to speak to the nature of their relationship.

The NFL player previously pursued Swift at an Eras Tour stop in July, saying in a “New Heights” podcast episode that he failed at giving the performer a bracelet with his number on it.

The tight end has had an on-again, off-again romance with model Kayla Nicole since 2017. As for the “Bad Blood” singer, news broke in April that she and Joe Alwyn had called it quits after six years of dating.


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