Travis & Jason Kelce Cornered Into Giving Mother’s Day Gift to Celebrity Mom Donna Kelce

Travis & Jason Kelce Cornered Into Giving Mother's Day Gift to Celebrity Mom Donna Kelce


Travis and Jason Kelce are not disagreeing with Donna Kelce’s take on their gift-giving skills.

“Our final bit of new news, mom was on the Today show to share some Mother’s Day gift ideas and she was also asked if the two of us are good at Mother’s Day Gifts. Are we gift givers?” Travis, 34, said on the Wednesday, May 1, “New Heights” podcast episode.


Travis & Jason Kelce Cornered Into Giving Mother's Day Gift to Celebrity Mom Donna Kelce

Jason, 36, noted that he’s a “bad” gift giver and joked not to ask his wife, Kylie Kelce, for her opinion. (Jason also revealed he’s a month behind on their anniversary gift.)

“At least [Donna] was honest and she didn’t f–king just keep us, like we’re unhuman, you know?” Travis said. “Jason, you can’t be good at reading and then good at gift giving. You have to be s–ty at something.”

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Jason agreed with Travis’ take on his skillset. “I can’t be good at dancing and be good at gift-giving. I can only have one of those … my gift is to show people what true expression looks like,” he quipped.

After tossing around the idea of giving Donna, 71, a gift of the brothers dancing for Mother’s Day, Travis asked, “What do you get a woman that has everything? You know? Golly!”

Jason and Travis continued to brainstorm ideas, with the former Philadelphia Eagles center noting that their mom tends to wear “a lot” of black and white.

“She’s big with black and white, I’ve started to pick this up,” Jason noted, before adding that Kylie, 31, was the first to notice that Donna gravitated toward those two colors. “She’s like Cruella de Vil.”

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Travis, for his part, was appalled at the comparison of their mother to the infamous Disney villain from 101 Dalmatians. “Don’t f–king call mom Cruella de Vil. Mom’s a saint. She’s an angel,” Travis said.

Following their back and forth, Travis publicly apologized to Donna for their previous subpar presents. “Mom, I’m sorry, we owe you an amazing Mother’s Day gift. We love you,” Travis said.

Jason claimed that he tended to give Donna a “heartfelt Mother’s Day text” in lieu of gifts — but Travis wasn’t buying it. “Don’t try and sugarcoat it. You don’t f–king give anybody a heartfelt text,” Travis replied, before adding, “Mom, we’re going to figure it out. This year, you’re getting it because you called us out. Now, if you get too much stuff, it’s your fault. Love you.”

When Donna appeared on the morning news show on Monday, April 29, she was asked whether her sons are good at giving her presents on Mother’s Day. “Boys usually aren’t,” Donna replied.

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As for celebrating the holiday with Travis and Jason, she noted that she’s “very rarely” in the same place as the twosome this time of year.

“It’s their off-season,” Donna explained. “So they‘re off. They’re off and running and doing their own thing, but that’s OK. I have so many blessings that I don’t even care.”


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