Tom Brady’s towering son is so like his dad – see photos

Tom Brady’s towering son is so like his dad – see photos


Tom Brady’s 15-year-old son is beginning to threaten his dad’s towering height – and it seems the famous NFL quarterback couldn’t be prouder. Taking to his Instagram on Thursday evening, the former New England Patriots star shared an image of him and Jack standing back-to-back to show off how much he’s grown.


Tom Brady’s towering son is so like his dad – see photos

“Not yet kid!!!” Tom wrote on the photo which he posted to his Instagram story. “I’m still here,” he added, but it’s clear Jack – the oldest of the 45-year-old’s children – may soon match his father’s height.

The former football player has three children in total: Jack, 15, who he shares with his ex-partner Blue Bloods actress Bridget Moynahan; and Benjamin, 13, and Vivian, ten, who he shares with his ex-wife Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen. Seeing as the model also likely carries the tall gene, it’s possible Benjamin and Vivian may surpass Tom’s 6’4″ eventually too!


Tom Brady’s towering son is so like his dad – see photos


Tom and Gisele divorced in October 2022 after 14 years of marriage and 16 years together as a couple. After announcing in February 2023 that he would be retiring from professional football, the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers player has been enjoying spending more time with his three kids as they adjust to life living between their parents and getting to spend more time with their previously very busy dad.

Jack has previously shown that he might be interested in following in his father’s footballing footsteps. In a video which Tom posted on Instagram in April 2023, Jack took center-stage during a game of beach football, effortlessly dashing across the sand to catch the hurtling ball.

The proud parent later revealed that the trip (which included this seaside fun) was actually a celebration of his post-retirement life. In his post, Tom also included several snippets of footage from a grand party, complete with a football-themed cake, flags, dancing, and even a huge flower display. It then appeared as if the game on the beach was the piece-de-resistance of the fun-filled day.

But sport isn’t necessarily the focus of Tom’s three lookalike children. Speaking with People in June 2023, the father-of-three revealed that his kids actually have more of a passion for music. “Although I would definitely say I’m not musically inclined at all, my kids are, which I love,” he said, before joking: “I love all the different arts for sure, I’m just not great at many of them.”

He shared that the three enjoy “a lot of piano and a lot of singing, and that his son Benjamin’s skills and ear for music are already quite developed. “It’s interesting, my son plays by ear too. He doesn’t like looking at notes, so he hears something and tries to play it,” he said, adding: “He’s very talented. It’s really fun for me to see.”

Despite his lack of experience in the world of music, Tom continued: “I think so much of what these kids do is they bring out parts of us that we don’t even know. You think, ‘God, what are we here to teach our kids in the end? What are they here to teach us?’ And bring out parts of us that we just have not been exposed to,” noting that “seeing them exposed to these things makes me enjoy it more.”


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