Tom Brady-confess madly in love after new lover showed her new look ‘hotter than the desert’ ” Tom is Bring her home

Tom Brady-confess madly in love after new lover showed her new look 'hotter than the desert'


Veronika Rajek has had some jaw dropping attire choices including a fiery red bikini coupled with a weighty bike helmet.


Tom Brady-confess madly in love after new lover showed her new look 'hotter than the desert' " Bring her home

The blonde bombshell, who rose to fame after attending a Tom Brady game shortly before announcing his retirement from the NFL, has enjoyed a fruitful 2023 that has seen her social media explode with popularity. The model has over six million followers on Instagram, a whopping figure that looks set to continue rising for the foreseeable future.

Rajek, 27, is usually snapped with minimal clothing whether it be a bikini or lingerie, the Slovakian-born influencer certainly captures the attention of many around the globe. In one particular popular post on the social media platform last year, she appeared in a shoot for fast fashion brand FashionNova, where she sported a lace red bikini whilst wearing a bike helmet.

The post was liked over 34,000 and had many in the comments section applauding Rajek’s looks with one fan writing: “I think you need a license to be so HOT!” while another commented that she looked: “hotter than the desert”. The compliments were seemingly never-ending as a third Instagram user said: “You look amazing . Do we ride bikes like this now”.

A fourth supporter stated his disdain for motor racing but admitted if the drivers looked as glamourous as Rajek, he’d be a “massive fan”. While hailing from Slovakia, Rajek is reported to split her time between Vienna and United States and while she’s created an extremely fruitful career for herself through social media, she spoke out against the pitfalls of modern relationships.

“It’s difficult because nowadays 80% of woman are looking for walking wallets- men with lots of money,” she said in an interview with MARCA. “They want to live a really posh, jet set lives. A lot of my girls my age expect men of the same age to be millionaires or have a mansion. Girls are giving young men such huge pressure; they want this bag or that car.”

Rajek has previously stated that materialistic things are not what she personally looks for in a relationship and admitted that “money is not everything” when looking for love. “I don’t understand those people who try and impress others with materialistic things,” she added. “Why don’t they try and impress people with who they are, with their personality. Do you really need an expensive bag to impress others?”


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