“This place is horrible” – When Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany was harassed by a group of Viking fans


Ever since Patrick Mahomes started playing for the Kansas City Chiefs, there is no denying the popularity he has gained. However, Mahomes is not the only one in the spotlight. His wife Brittany is just as active on social media, gaining attention for her videos and comments.


"This place is horrible" - When Patrick Mahomes' wife Brittany was harassed by a group of  Viking  fans

Many fans love to hate Mahomes’ family, calling them out whenever they can.

This has not stopped Brittany from going ahead and speaking her mind. This holds true for a Kansas City Chiefs vs Vikings, where she was apparently harassed by a group of opposing fans.

In a series of Tweets, Brittany Mahomes told the story:

“I was told if I stand they will call security and kick us out, can’t stand for your team? Some fans y’all are 😂🤔

“This place is horrible, people already yelling every time I stand up, am I not aloud to stand up for football game?”

“Gillette security came and got us and moved us to a safe place, that’s how you know it was bad.”

In the end, security had to move Brittany Mahomes to a safer section. Considering her vocal support for Patrick Mahomes and his team, other fans have often called her out, unhappy with her behavior.

While Brittany might be okay with some banter and back-and-forth, she is certainly against blatant harassment. Later, Brittany even took to Instagram, sharing a photo of herself smiling on the field.

“I’m here & these fans will NEVER keep me away 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #chiefskingdom.””Update: Gillette security cane and got us said we have cameras everywhere and we have seen you getting harassed so we are gonna move you to a safe section!”


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