“Thank God”: Patrick Mahomes Mom Randi Survives Car Crash; Recalls Terrifying Details

“Thank God”: Patrick Mahomes Mom Randi Survives Car Crash; Recalls Terrifying Details


The Mahomes family faced a frightening situation just a few hours ago. And it involved Patrick Mahomes’ mother, Randi Mahomes. While her QB son for the Kansas City Chiefs continues his practice at training camp, the mother of three thanks her lucky stars after coming out unharmed in an unfortunate road mishap.


Randi Mahomes has had a tough few months. After the death of her mother, Debbie Martin Bates, a void has taken over her life. Her mother was her best friend, who also helped Randi is raising Patrick Mahomes and his brother Jackson. She’s been slowly healing from the loss of her mother, spending time with the 2X SB champion’s half-sister Mia Randall. And now, Randi Mahomes took to Twitter to recall the details of the terrifying mishap she was a part of.

Patrick Mahomes mother escapes uninjured in a road mishap

Even at training camp, Patrick Mahomes is keeping his family a priority. His wife Brittany and their two children are also at camp close to the QB. On the other hand, Randi Mahomes found herself left shell-shocked after almost being a part of a tragic road accident.

In a recent tweet by the 51-year-old, she recalled the horrific details of the road mishap she witnessed. Randi talks about she saw three cars crashing head-on with each other, and she barely escaped being a part of the car wreck herself. She talked about how one of the people in the car wreck saw that she barely missed being a part of the accident. The person told Randi, “You need to go Church & Thank God i was able to miss getting hit.” She further goes on to share her thoughts and prayers for everyone involved in the accident, as it left her “shaken”.

While Randi Mahomes recuperates after witnessing the car crash, fans took to the tweet to express their relief over her not being grievously injured.

Fans breathe a sigh of relief
Fans expressed their thoughts about how they are relieved that she was not critically injured in the road mishap.

One fan expressed his concern for everyone involved in the accident, “Glad you’re ok. Vehicles can be replaced. People not. I hope others were buckled up and will be OK.”

Another fan stated that Randi’s mother was looking after her from heaven, “Your guardian angel momma was looking after you.”

One fan commented, “Thank God! For watching over you. How scary for you and all involved. Hope you and others can feel calmer soon.”

Another fan prayed for Randi’s well-being, “Please be safe out there! May the Lord send his angels to protect you!”

This fan said, “Be careful, momma Mahomes!”

As the 51-year-old shakes off this close call, Patrick Mahomes and everyone in the family will be grateful that Randi Mahomes is all safe and sound.


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