Travis Taylor : Kelce bought new $6m mansion in preparation for marriage

Travis Taylor : Kelce bought new $6m mansion in preparation for marriage


Travis Kelce, the NFL player and tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, has made news with his recent purchase of a luxurious $6 million mansion in Kansas City. This new residence comes as Travis seeks to prioritize his privacy, which has become increasingly important due to his high-profile relationship with pop sensation Taylor Swift.


Luxury and Privacy in Kansas City
The mansion, as reported by TMZ, is the ultimate symbol of luxury. It features stunning amenities such as a waterfall, an elegant swimming pool, and even a mini golf course. Travis decided to make this purchase because he felt that his previous residence was too open to the public eye. With Taylor Swift’s presence in his life, privacy has become a top priority for the couple.

Travis Kelce’s Financial Success
Travis Kelce’s financial position is strong and secure. With an annual salary of $14 million from his commitment to the Kansas City Chiefs, Travis has also signed a four-year contract worth approximately $57 million in 2020. Apart from his NFL earnings, Travis has a series of endorsement deals that contribute significantly to his affluence. Collaborations with well-known brands like Pfizer, State Farm, Hy-Vee, and Experian have further boosted his financial success.

A Weekend in New York City
This past weekend, all eyes were on Travis and Taylor as they enjoyed quality time in New York City. Taylor’s Tribeca apartment served as their base during their stay. The couple’s visit to New York City was eventful, with appearances on Saturday Night Live and a delightful dinner at the famous sushi eatery, Nobu.

The SNL Experience
During his cameo appearance on Saturday Night Live, Travis admitted that he was overwhelmed by the applause from the audience. He humorously mentioned that he couldn’t even remember what he said, as he blacked out due to the excitement of the moment. Travis also shared his admiration for the SNL team and expressed his gratitude for their hospitality.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s Busy Schedules
The upcoming schedule for both Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift seems packed. The Kansas City Chiefs, led by Travis, are preparing for their game against the Los Angeles Chargers at Arrowhead Stadium. While there is speculation about Taylor’s presence at the game, her ‘Eras’ tour is set to resume in Argentina shortly after the game. This might limit her chances of attending Travis’s matches in the near future. The Chiefs will also be playing against the Denver Broncos in Denver and the Miami Dolphins in Germany, just a few days before Taylor’s concert in Buenos Aires.

Overall, Travis Kelce’s recent real estate acquisition highlights his desire for privacy. With his successful career, strong financial position, and high-profile relationship with Taylor Swift, Travis is ensuring that he has a sanctuary from the public eye. While their busy schedules may not always align, they continue to support each other’s endeavors and create cherished memories together.


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