Taylor Swift’s dad Scott send a ” Very clear” Message to Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift's dad Scott send a


Taylor Swift’s dad has made his thoughts on her new beau Travis Kelce “very clear”, according to a body language expert.


Taylor Swift's dad Scott send a " Very clear" Massage to Travis Kelce

The pair were spotted getting cosy in the VIP tent at Taylor’s concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina. NFL star Travis was seen enjoying the concert with Taylor’s dad. The 34-year-old sportsman even received a special shout-out from Taylor during her performance.

Body language expert Judi James told The Mirror US that Scott Swift seems “delighted” with his daughter’s new boyfriend. She said: “Not only was he wearing the Chief’s lanyard in a very public show that he is ‘team Travis’, but Scott’s body language at his daughter’s concert seemed to make it very clear that Travis has been accepted into the very heart of the Swift nest.

“Scott looks rather like a personal fan of Travis’ as well as a fan of the fact that he is dating his daughter. He claps and cheers open-mouthed after Taylor’s romantic shout-out from the stage and he turns to gaze at Travis and egg him on as the penny dropped that he’d just got a very loving mention,” Judi added.

She also noted: “For the dad of a daughter, Scott shows no signs of being anything other than delighted here.” and “It’s traditional for a dad to be wary and a little protective and possessive but Scott’s non-verbal signals here look nothing but delighted that his daughter is dating a leading sporting star.”

However, she contrasted this with Travis’ mom’s reaction. Donna Kelce, Travis’ mom, was seen hanging out with Taylor at one of Travis’ NFL games. She didn’t seem overly impressed as she said meeting Taylor was “ok”. Speaking about the budding romance on the Today show, Donna said: “It’s really strange. But it’s fun- it’s a great ride. At times it gets a little annoying, but most of the time people are just so sweet.”

Judi shared her thoughts on Scott’s acceptance of Travis, saying: “His approval and his integration signals are in contrast to Travis’ mom’s, who did look a lot less committed at first as we saw Taylor performing something of an industrial-strength charm offensive to win her round. Travis and Scott look like long-term buddies here though, with Scott even looking a bit like a Kelce fan.”

Judi’s comments come after Taylor and Travis were seen sharing their first public kiss following her unforgettable performance on stage. Taylor ran straight off stage and into Travis’ arms.


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