Taylor Swift Teary-Eyed revealed 5 reason why she and Travis Kelce are breaking up soon ” It’s hard but we don’t have any other choice

Taylor Swift Teary-Eyed revealed 5 reason why she and Travis Kelce are breaking up soon


Social media sleuths sparked split rumors they spotted supposed tell-tale signs amid Taylor’s Eras Tour.


Taylor Swift Teary-Eyed revealed 5 reason why she and Travis Kelce are breaking up soon " It's hard but we don't have any other choice

On Thursday, the Love Story singer returned to her international tour and performed her first concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Ahead of Friday’s concert, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end finally landed in Argentina after traveling from the Sunflower State, according to TMZ.

The day before, the long flight included a stop at an airport in Panama City, Florida, as his plane refueled.

The Daily Mail obtained photos of the football player as he stepped out of a Buenos Aires airport on Friday afternoon.

Fans jumped to X, formerly known as Twitter, and speculated that the traveling between Travis’ games and Taylor’s concerts might be too much for the couple.

One fan noted: “Now that Taylor is back on tour, I’m counting down the days before we get a breakup article because she and Travis both ‘have busy schedules’ and ‘are focusing on their careers.’”

Another fan claimed: “Taylor was on break from tour and going to his games while he never had any opportunity to go to her shows.”

A third fan mentioned: “I don’t think he’s gone to any of her concerts. She supports him, but he doesn’t.

“Travis Kelce will be just another break-up song.”

A fourth person wrote: “It doesn’t look good if Travis doesn’t show up at the Eras tour.

“For real, supporting each other’s careers should be mutual.”

A commentator chimed: “Taylor doesn’t have to go to Travis’ game if she doesn’t want to.

“He didn’t show up at the Eras Tour on Thursday.”

On Thursday, Travis, 34, attended a gala dinner for the foundation of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

He ended up skipping Thursday night’s performance.

Travis will spend the weekend flying up to 11,000 miles to Argentina and back after watching Swift perform.

He is set to return for practice on Monday, November 11, ahead of the team’s showdown with the Philadelphia Eagles.

The romance between the two began after he watched her gig at Arrowhead Stadium during the summer.

The NFL star was reportedly disappointed because he could not meet with the Blad Blood hitmaker.

Travis had planned on giving Taylor a bracelet with his phone number.

Taylor, 33, showed up at Arrowhead Stadium this season to watch Kelce play alongside his mom Donna, 70.

She has been at a number of Chiefs games since, and the pair were pictured holding hands in New York in October.


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