Taylor Swift revealed she feels ‘protected and cherished’ by ‘true Love’

Taylor Swift revealed she feels 'protected and cherished' by 'true Love'


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have been painting the town red.


Shortly after their his-and-hers cameos on “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend, the new power couple stepped out for a bite to eat in Manhattan – only for revelers to witness a new, softer side to the Kansas City Chiefs football player.

As the two arrived at CATCH Steak, Kelce jumped out of their chauffeured vehicle and assured the hired security detail that he could handle things from there before opening Swift’s door and leading her inside the trendy New York City restaurant.

“This couple’s body language shows a strong love connection,” behavioral analyst Susan Constantine explained to Fox News Digital. “Kelce’s parents have taught Travis right!”

Constantine said that Kelce is “a gentleman and a protector” as she described how the professional football player moved with intention to help the “Cruel Summer” singer easily exit their vehicle.

“Travis appears relaxed with hands in his pockets, and he makes his way around the SUV to open the door for Taylor,” she said. “Travis is seen with his lips pressed together (concentration), and then respectfully guides security away with the palm of his hand on the shoulder.”

Constantine said Kelce’s simple action was a nonverbal cue meant to signal to the security guard, “Thanks, I got this from here!”

On Wednesday’s episode of the “New Heights” podcast with Travis and his older brother Jason Kelce, Travis clarified if there was any negative response from his interaction with security.

“Did you get any pushback from the actual security guards about pushing him out of the way the one night,” Jason asked.

“Pushing them out of the way?” Travis asked before Jason responded, “I mean, it’s on camera Travis.”

“I didn’t push him, I placed my hand on the gentleman’s back to let him know I was behind him. If I would’ve pushed him he probably would’ve turned around and tased me.”

Kelce, decked out in an embroidered Jil Sander Bird Fil Coupe jacket with brown leather slacks and a white shirt to match his shoes, showed “gentleness” when he offered his hand to Swift for “for strength and support” while she exited the SUV.

The “This Love” crooner met her style match as she stepped out wearing a black Versace corset with matching slacks and a houndstooth coat over her shoulders.

“Taylor angles toward Travis, relying on his support and connectedness,” Constantine said. “It appears Taylor feels safe, protected, and cherished. Travis is gentle, attentive, caring, thoughtful and a true gentleman and protector.”

She added, “Travis waits patiently until Taylor’s steps are firmly planted on the ground as seen with his hand placed on the tummy area (intimate zone) as she pivots forward. The hand on the mid-section is the emotional plane on a woman’s body. This shows warmth, and emotional connectedness. This couple’s body language shows a strong love connection!”

The following night, Swift and Kelce proved their budding relationship was anything but folklore as they stepped out for dinner at the Waverly Inn, a popular eatery in the West Village.

Constantine was impressed by their “constant contact” as they left the restaurant together hand in hand.

“As they depart together, Travis never loses contact of Taylor,” she noted. “Travis switches hands behind to make sure he never loses grip of Taylor. Travis holds his hand on top and Taylors underneath, meaning he is the alpha in the relationship.”

Swift rocked a sheer Jean Paul Gaultier blouse with a black leather skirt and combat boots for their second date night in a row, while Kelce opted for a color-coordinated khaki ensemble.

“Travis also protects Taylor by positioning himself on the outside lane when walking. Taylor’s head down sober expression is her way of self-protection from others,” Constantine said. “No eye contact is her way of avoiding having to engage in conversation with others.”

It is unclear if Taylor will be by Kelce’s side – or in her preferred luxury suite – when Kelce plays the Los Angeles Chargers at home in Kansas City, Missouri, on Sunday, but she is become a fan-favorite after attending three of his games this season.

Swift, 33, made her first appearance as one of Kelce’s guests at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City on Sept. 24, and was later spotted leaving with the football player after the game.


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