Taylor swift reacted to Travis Kelce’s fiery sideline outburst in Super Bowl LVIII ‘ NOW we know the Repercussion

Taylor swift reacted to Travis Kelce’s fiery sideline outburst in Super Bowl LVIII


Travis Kelce became irate with Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid after the team fumbled a play during the first half of the 2024 Super Bowl Sunday.

After the Chiefs lost a significant pass made by quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Kelce took it up with Reid to demand he be put in the game.


Taylor swift reacted to Travis Kelce’s fiery sideline outburst in Super Bowl LVIII

The tight end, 34, was seen body slamming into Reid, who momentarily lost his balance, before grabbing his arm and shouting at him.

Amid his fit, Kelce was held back by teammate Jerick McKinnon, who quickly dragged him away from Reid, 65.

The camera later showed Kelce silently sitting on the bench in Allegiant Stadium.

It’s unclear exactly what Kelce was shouting in his coach’s face, but one of the broadcasters claimed he was telling Reid to “keep me in.”

“After the fumble, he [Kelce] comes over to Andy, he goes, ‘Keep me in!’ What happened is, on the fumble, he was not in the game Noah Gray went in … I think Kelce knows he’s like, ‘Just keep me in there!’” one of the sports broadcasters theorized.

Kelce and Reid have been working together since 2013 when the NFL player was drafted by the Chiefs and the latter took over as the head coach.

Kelce’s frustration came as the Kansas City Chiefs chase their fourth Super Bowl title, facing off against the San Francisco 49ers in Las Vegas.

Several members of Kelce’s inner circle –– including girlfriend Taylor Swift –– watched the confrontation as they all came together in a VIP suite to cheer him on.

However, it’s unclear exactly what the Grammy winner thought of her beau’s meltdown.

The “Cruel Summer” songstress, 34, even brought along gal pals Blake Lively, Lana Del Rey, Ice Spice and Ashley Avignone to watch the highly anticipated match off.

Meanwhile, Travis’ mom, Donna Kelce, and his brother and sister-in-law, Jason Kelce and Kylie Kelce were also spotted chatting with Swift in the suite

The Kansas City Chiefs offense is in shambles to start Super Bowl LVIII. After running back Isiah Pacheco fumbled away the team’s best chance to score a touchdown in the first half of the championship game, tensions boiled over on Kansas City’s sideline.

Star tight end Travis Kelce was seen exchanging some heated words with head coach Andy Reid after the disappointing play, clearly displeased with the sequence of events that had just occurred.

While the game is far from over, the Chiefs’ dysfunctional offense will need to get into gear if Kansas City intends to hoist the Lombardi Trophy at the conclusion of this matchup.

Fans around America took to Twitter to react to the fiery exchange between Kelce and Reid and didn’t mince words in their response to the bizarre situation.


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