“Betrayed by best friend” Taylor Swift, Patrick Mahomes Reportedly Missing Amid Chiefs’ Travis Kelce’s Big Day

Taylor Swift, Patrick Mahomes Reportedly Missing Amid Chiefs' Travis Kelce's Big Day


Have things come to a “Swift” end for Travis Kelce? Days after Taylor’s surprise appearance at the Arrowhead Stadium and not-so-surprising appearance at MetLife Stadium, have things ended as quickly as they began? As birthday wishes poured in from fans and other celebs for Kelce’s 34th birthday, the silence from two people was deafening.


Taylor Swift, Patrick Mahomes Reportedly Missing Amid Chiefs' Travis Kelce's Big Day


The Kansas City Chiefs TE turned 34 on October 5, days ahead of their match against the Minnesota Vikings. Or is this just the calm before the storm?

Betrayed by best friend and rumored girlfriend?

Before Taylor Swift thrust Travis Kelce into mainstream stardom, the TE used to spend his birthday with his family and teammates. But after the rollercoaster ride that the last two weeks had been, Swifties and football fans were wondering what she had planned for him. But it was all for nothing as when the big day arrived, Taylor did not even as much as post a wish on her Instagram account for her rumored boyfriend. What was even more shocking was the silence of Chiefs QB and best chum, Patrick Mahomes’ silence. Taylor might have known Kelce for just a few weeks, but Mahomes and Kelce have been teammates for 5 years. They even won two Super Bowls together. What’s cooking?

Marca reported that Taylor Swift was seen leaving her New York apartment with luggage. Was she leaving for Kelce’s apartment in Kansas City? Has she been planning a surprise party for him all this while? The only we can do is wait. But what explains Patrick Mahomes’ silence? Our best bet would be that he is in KC as well, and partying with his TE, wishing him in person rather than on social media. As speculation over the two builds, will she be there to cheer Travis at Minneapolis?

Meanwhile, fans have been formulating tests to confirm the strength of their relationship and if they are serious. Traveling to Kansas City was fine for Taylor Swift. She was there earlier for her Eras tour concert. And MetLife Stadium was no big deal either. She has a luxurious apartment in New York City and the stadium is just a few miles away. Kelce was even seen leaving her apartment on the morning of game day. But Swifties and football fans now want to see Taylor at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.


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