Taylor swift hits back at ‘tabloid nonsense’ defends Sister in-law Kylie Jason over New Jersey restaurant controversy ” STHU, STFU and STFHU “

Taylor swift hits back at ‘tabloid nonsense’ defends Sister in-law Kylie Jason over New Jersey restaurant controversy


Taylor swift tweeted on her Instagram handle : ” STHU, STFU and STFHU “. what does that even mean

Shut up , i guess

Footage has emerged of Kylie Kelce embroiled in a furious argument with a fan who reportedly ‘harassed’ her and husband Jason for a picture as they tried to enjoy a date night on Memorial Day weekend.


Taylor  swift  hits back at ‘tabloid nonsense’ defends Sister   in-law Kylie Jason over  New Jersey restaurant controversy " STHU, STFU and STFHU "

The clip shows Travis Kelce’s brother and sister-in-law being confronted by the woman outside a New Jersey restaurant as she shouts at Kylie: ‘I don’t give a f**k who you are, you’ll never be allowed in this town again!’

Kylie can then be heard saying: ‘I can smell the alcohol on your breath, you’re embarrassing yourself.’

Jason can be seen taking a backseat as his wife shuts down the ‘drunk’ fan in a video which has gone viral on social media.

Users were quick to leap to Kylie’s defense on X, insisting the woman in question did not have any grounds to harass her and Jason as alleged, nor shout at the couple after being turned down.

One wrote: ‘People are so entitled’.

‘[Imagine] crashing out for not getting a picture with Jason Kelce lol,’ said another.

A third put: ‘Kylie did what needed to be done – I’m Loving the Kelce’s even more day by day’.

A fourth commented: ‘They don’t owe fans anything , it’s not part of their job to take pictures with you’.

While another joked: ‘Jason is so funny he knew his wife stands on business he’s just waiting on her to be done’.

The video, shared on Instagram by @wttwpodcast, claims Kylie and Jason were at Steve & Cookies Restaurant and Oyster Bar in Margate City, New Jersey, when the incident took place.

They are said to have been in traffic when the fan approached asking for a photo, before Kylie ‘politely’ rejected her advances.

The rejection then led to a fiery dispute between the two women, with Jason seen watching on in the background.

Jason and Kylie have been together for close to 10 years after famously matching on Tinder, before eventually tying the knot in 2018.

They have three daughters together; Wyatt, four, Elliotte Ray, three, and Bennett Llewellyn, one.

Jason was forced to defend his wife this week after being told by a user on X that his Kylie is a ‘homemaker’, a reference to Kansas City Chiefs player Harrison Butker’s controversial speech at Benedictine College earlier this month.

Butker sparked major controversy when he told graduates at Benedictine College that women should prioritize being ‘homemakers’ instead of pursuing careers, while also taking aim at the LGBTQ+ community, abortion advocates and more in an opinion-dividing speech.

Jason defended Butker and said he could ‘take great value in it when he is talking about the importance of family and the importance of a great mother’.

But the recently retired Philadelphia Eagles star also insisted parts of Butker’s speech ‘are not things that I align myself with’.

That has led to criticism from social media trolls, who accused Kelce of being ‘hypocritical’ and suggested his wife Kylie is ‘a homemaker’.

‘I don’t think of Kylie as a homemaker,’ Jason responded. ‘I think of her as my wife. I think of her as a mother. She has an occupation, as do I, and we keep our house the best we can.

‘Our marriage is a partnership, we are equals who are figuring it out on the daily. The only expectation is that we love each other, support one another, and are committed to our family, that comes first.

‘We both raise our kids, we both work, we both keep our home. It is both our faults it is messy, but such is life with 3 young children, busy schedules, and neither of us being neat freaks. She also makes a mean sandwich.

‘If being a homemaker, works for some, and that’s what they want, then hell yea, that’s awesome, more power to you.

‘I want to be clear, I’m not downplaying that at all, but that is not our family dynamic.’


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