Taylor Swift Declines $15 Billion Worth Media Giant’s Huge Offer Because of Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift Declines $15 Billion Worth Media Giant’s Huge Offer Because of Travis Kelce


America’s sweetheart Taylor Swift rocked the world of the NFL last Sunday when she showed up at the Kansas City Chiefs game to show her support for Travis Kelce’s team. She made her presence felt as the game went on to become a huge success for the Kansa City Chiefs. They came out on top by securing a comprehensive win over the Bears.


Taylor Swift Declines $15 Billion Worth Media Giant’s Huge Offer  Because of Travis Kelce

With 25 million views the game became the most watched game of last week. Resulting in 3 times increase in sales for Chiefs and their web search has also shown a threefold increase. 12-time Grammy Award winner came in a tussle with America’s media Giant ‘Fox’. Let’s see what happened.

Taylor Swift vs. Fox

Taylor Swift’s appearance in the stadium increased the interest of fans. The atmosphere during the game became extravagant. During Travis Kelce’s game, Fox approached Taylor Swift and asked for permission to play her songs. It could be to rake in on her aura and stardom or they wanted to tease Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s dating rumours. We don’t know for sure. But what happened afterward, Fox would have never expected that. Taylor Swift declined as her record label and publishing company denied Fox to play her songs during the broadcast.

Taylor Swift’s net worth is $740 million, compared to Fox’s worth in excess of $15 Billion. We can only speculate what could be the reason but this does not go well with ‘swifties’. It could be because She did not want to steal Travis Kelce’s thunder.

Are these just ‘rumors’?

Whether or not Fox got what they wanted, Travis Kelce went on to score both inside and outside the stadium. He was able to secure a touchdown during the game and after the game he left with Taylor Swift. This gave fire to the ongoing rumors of their dating, which have been going on since this July. Taylor’s relationship with actor Joe Alwyn ended this April and Travis Kelce has been single since last year. Travis Kelce has openly admitted that he likes to meet Taylor Swift on her brother Jason Kelce’s podcast on YouTube.

Taylor Swift is speculated to attend the Kansa City Chief’s next big game with the Jets this Sunday. Her appearance can make the viewership go through the roof, which should make Fox happy. Who knows they will get the chance to play her songs this Sunday. The game itself is going to be a bombshell as the Jets’ defense is going against the Kansas offense. Who is going to win the event? Let’s find out this Sunday.


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