“Taylor and Travis looked very comfortable and happy together” YES Taylor Swift accepted his two requests – Amid wedding plan

Taylor Swift 'trusts Travis Kelce's intentions' because he 'has his own career and money' from being a two-time Super Bowl winner in the NFL and understands the demands of fame


Everyone has Taylor/Travis fever. Even “Saturday Night Live.”


“Taylor and Travis looked very comfortable and happy together” YES Taylor Swift accepted his two requests

NBC aired the first “SNL” in five months (the series was off the air due to the Writers Guild of America strike) on Saturday, and there was a lot in the news for the cast and writers to catch up on since they last broadcast from Studio 8H. But the most important topic worth covering in the first sketch? Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce hanging out at Kansas City Chiefs games, of course.

In a parody of “Fox NFL Sunday,” the sketch saw the cast impersonating the likes of Terry Bradshaw (Molly Kearney), Michael Strahan (Devon Walker), Howie Long (Mikey Day) and other football commentators, who it turns out are all secretly Swifties. And they all have opinions about whether or not Swift and Chiefs player Kelce are dating, or just friends. Later in the show, Swift appeared briefly to introduce the second performance with four words: “Once again, Ice Spice!”

In the football sketch, Kearney’s Bradshaw shouts of their relationship, “She’s in the luxury box hanging out with Mama Kelce knocking back cocktails with Deadpool? It’s official. This is a way bigger deal than the Super Bowl! This is very ‘Delicate,’” Walker’s Strahan says.

Host Pete Davidson shows up as a sideline reporter at the Jets/Eagles game wearing a pink Swift cowboy hat, bemoaning that the pop superstar didn’t show up at the game.

When Kenan Thompson’s character, host Curt Menefee, looks for someone to talk about actual football and not Taylor Swift, the camera cuts to none other than Kelce, who hosted “SNL” back in February after winning his second Super Bowl.

Did Kelce address the rumors about him and Swift? Nope, he just showed up in the “SNL” studio and said “Yes, please!” when Thompson said he wanted to talk about football.

Why are ‘SNL’ actors allowed to work during the SAG-AFTRA strike?
Hollywood actors have been on the picket line since the summer as the film and theatrical divisions of the Screen Actors Guild went on strike. So why are actors like Davidson and the “SNL” cast back on NBC?

The answer is all in the specifics of the contracts between the studios and the union. In short, the work done on “SNL” is covered by a different contract than the one the union is striking over right now. So the “SNL” cast is required to get back to work, and was only hindered by the WGA strike, which ended this month.

“The program is a SAG-AFTRA non-dramatic production under a separate agreement that is not subject to the union’s strike order,” SAG-AFTRA said in a statement. “The majority of our members who are regular cast on Saturday Night Live had contractual obligations to the show prior to the strike. Many are under option agreements that require them to return to the show if the producers exercise their option which the producers have done.”

Negotiations between SAG-AFTRA and the major studios broke off last week, leaving the strike with no end in sight.


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