‘ The song is out ‘ Taylor swift revealed her new song is all about Travis Kelce love

Taylor Swift revealed the first sweet word Travis Kelce said to her on their first date


Whether you like it or not, you may know an exact play-by-play of how Taylor Swift spent her Sunday supporting rumored beau Travis Kelce at the Kanas City Chiefs’ game last weekend.


' Song coming out soon ' Taylor swift revealed her new song is all about Travis Kelce love

With countless TikTok analysis videos and YouTube commentary covering this moment in our cultural zeitgeist, Tayvis (or Traylor?) has been hard to miss. You might even have zoomed-in images of the superstar — wearing a classic red lip, white tank top and Chiefs jacket — seared into your brain at this point.

Was she really dipping her chicken nuggets in “seemingly” ranch and ketchup? What did she and Mama Kelce talk about? Wait, is she sitting on Kelce’s lap in those afterparty photos? Will she be at the Chiefs-New York Jets game this weekend? (Signs point to yes, and fans are scrambling to share the same air as her at MetLife Stadium.)

Why do I even know all of this, you might wonder.

Not a fan of Taylor Swift or the NFL? You may know more than you ever wanted now
Don’t worry; it’s not just you.

Though she doesn’t normally follow celebrity gossip, Gayle Stever — a psychology professor at Empire State University of New York — couldn’t avoid the Taylor/Travis furor, either. Even her physical therapist, who claimed he didn’t “know that much” when she brought up the topic, had more intel on this romance than she did.

“Nine times out of ten people call me from the media about these kinds of things, and I don’t know what they’re talking about,” Stever tells USA TODAY. “And I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, I actually have heard about this one!’”

Meanwhile, Leslie Rasmussen, an associate communications professor at Xavier University and Swiftie, like many, has also found herself “losing my mind” over Tayvis.

“It’s so interesting, the joy that is being shared online about a couple that we don’t know, frankly,” Rasmussen says.

It’s clear: This is a (maybe) love story, and people are saying “yes.”


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