Six Pictures of Patrick Mahomes’ brand new home have been released

Patrick Mahomes new home pics

Kansas City, Missouri – Oh, to be a Super Bowl-winning NFL quarterback like Patrick Mahomes! Fresh off of his second Super Bowl championship victory, Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs recently upgraded a big part of his lifestyle: his home!

On Saturday, a photo of Mahomes’ massive new mansion started circulating across social media, and it looks pretty ridiculous in the best way possible.


Patrick Mahomes and wife Brittany's new mansion

In the bird’s-eye photo, Mahomes and his family’s new home appears to have its own golf hole, a private lake, a partial football field, and more!

Stunned fans took to social media to share their shocking and hilarious thoughts about Mahomes’ seemingly extravagant lifestyle.

Super Bowl QB Patrick Mahomes Secures Land to Build His Half Football Field
Super Bowl QB Patrick Mahomes Secures Land to Build His Half Football Field


“Bro lives on a college campus,” one fan wrote in the comments of Zire Golf’s Instagram post featuring the photo of the quarterback’s home. “Not having a par 5 is going to kill the resale value,” one fan sarcastically added.

“What is Mahomes gonna do with a 30-yard field? Dude throws 70 off his back foot,” another hilariously commented, while someone else noted, “Imagine making $30 mil a year and only having half a football field in your yard.”

“No wonder him and Kelce are unstoppable in the redzone,” someone else humorously wrote.

Patrick Mahomes's House in Kansas City

More Pictures of Patrick Mahomes’ brand new home have been released
after he and wife Brittany sold their previous property for almost $3 million to move into their dream mansion.

Patrick Mahomes and childhood sweetheart Brittany’s dream home is finally finished after the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback bought a plot of land in 2021.

Patrick Mahomes' Net Worth in 2023 alone

Patrick Mahomes is arguably the best QB in the NFL at the moment. With already two Super Bowl championships under his belt, Mahomes is on his way to becoming the heir to the throne of NFL GOAT Tom Brady. And his stellar performances over the years led to the Kansas City Chiefs signing him a mega 10-year $450 million deal back in 2020. And the 2X Super Bowl champion has been using his money the right way.

Patrick Mahomes new home photo

From taking his family and children on picturesque vacations to spending thousands of dollars on his love for sneakers, Mahomes is living the good life from the success of his NFL career.

And with various endorsements and sponsorships, he’s set his family financially for generations to come. Most recently, he’s put his $40 million net worth to good use, making another financial investment into real estate.

Patrick Mahomes's House in Kansas City

The 27-year-old QB has built an impressive real-estate portfolio over the past few years. And now, it seems that Patrick Mahomes has gone on to build another lavish mansion with all the luxurious amenities one can think of.

According to an article by Daily Snark, the Chiefs’ QB brought a plot of land in Cass County, Missouri earlier this year. And Mahomes did not only build a home, but added other various luxury amenities for himself and his family.

Mahomes mansion and Patrick and wife Brittany

The house boasts features such as a big swimming pool, a private lake, a golf hole, and an abbreviated mini football field with his logo in the center and with Mahomes written on both the end zones. The football field seems to be an addition that will help the QB engage in training in the privacy of his own residence.

Super Bowl QB Patrick Mahomes Secures Land to Build His Half Football Field
Super Bowl QB Patrick Mahomes Secures Land to Build His Half Football Field

While this may be an impressive home, the other properties of the 27-year-old QB also are impressive in their own ways.

Mahomes has quite the investment in real estate

Back when Mahomes earned his first paycheck, he decided to use it to fulfill the wishes of his wife Brittany, and his mother, Randi Mahomes. The QB bought a penthouse in the suburbs of Kansas City, which had an asking price of $475,000 back in 2017.

Patrick Mahomes Mansion

The house is equipped moderately with two bedrooms, a master suite, a walk-in closet and a rooftop deck. He listed the property for sale in 2019 but did not decide to proceed with the decision. Apart from this, he brought a $1.95 million mansion in Missouri, Kansas City.

Built back in 1953, the house sits on 1.3 acres of land with amenities such as a chef’s kitchen, hot tub, a private gym, and many more. He has currently listed this ranch house on sale with an asking price of $2.9 million.
NFL Fans Are Very Jealous Of Patrick Mahomes’ New House

Apart from this, Mahomes also paid $3.37 million four-bedroom, seven-bathroom mansion in Westlake, Texas. This is where the QB resides during the offseason, being born and brought up in Texas. And with time, it will be interesting to see whether the 27-year-old QB decides to make more real estate investments in the coming days ahead.


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