Simone Biles Teary-eyed announced her retirement amid pregnancy news

Simone Biles Teary-eyed announced her retirement amid pregnancy news


The day that all gymnastics fans have been waiting for is finally here! The news is just in, Simone Biles is back, and she is ready to rumble. The legendary Olympian has been on a hiatus from competitive gymnastics since she bowed out of the Tokyo Olympics after she realized she needed to work on her mental health during the setback she faced in the middle of her routine.


Simone Biles Teary-eyed announced her retirement amid pregnancy news

While there have been rumors of her return here and there, she has neither confirmed nor denied them. But now, all of that has changed. Simone Biles shocks her fans with incredible gymnastics maneuvers on the mats, and she has brought the same element of surprise in her comeback to the battlegrounds.

The official Twitter page of The Olympic Games just made the dream of every Biles stan come true. In a tweet announcing the return of the queen of gymnastics, the caption read, “They’re back! The last two Olympic @gymnastics all-around gold medallists @sunisalee_ and @Simone_Biles have registered to compete at the U.S. Classic on 5 August in Chicago.” The U.S. Classic, to be held in Chicago, is the final qualifying event for the U.S. Championships, and this is probably Biles’ end goal.

Simone Biles had had a glittering career in the sport of gymnastics, studded with many medals and accomplishments. Nonetheless, many say that the bravest thing she has done on the floor is not the complicated maneuvers she performs, but prioritizing herself on the biggest stage in the world. The seven-time Olympic medallist bowed out of the Tokyo Olympics citing mental health concerns. Since then, she has been heralded as a pioneer for the cause, an image she seems ready to live up to with this major comeback.

There have been speculations about her return for a while now, with frenzied fans dissecting every random gym sighting for a glimpse of their favorite gymnast. It seems like, till now, Biles has been quietly preparing herself for the big reveal. But now, the tigress is ready to pounce. According to the official website of the Olympics, if Simone Biles, who is currently 26 years old, manages to qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics, she will officially become the oldest woman to do so in the last 20 years. Simone Biles is not the only gymnast hoping to make a comeback at the U.S. Classic. Sunisa Lee is also in the mix.


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