Serena Williams’ father said he should have been dead

Serena Williams father said he should have been dead

Richard Williams, father of tennis legends Venus and Serena Williams, talked about his life, especially the moment he decided to coach his daughters, as reported in the trailer of the documentary On the Line: The Richard Williams Story.

The trailer has a few flashbacks, including one where Williams says he thought he could live through his daughters. He said: “I thought I could live off my kids and I thought I could make a million dollars. I was born in Shreveport, Louisiana in a neighborhood called Cedar Grove.

All my life I had to be brave, but by now I should have be dead. I have to move on. If Venus and Serena would make a million dollars? There’s no question about it. They will make 1 million look small!”

Serena Williams in the top 10 athletes who have earned the most

Sportico has tried to estimate how much the greatest athletes in history have earned in their careers, whether they are over or are still ongoing: leading the ranking is Michael Jordan, with an estimated figure of 3.3 billion dollars : no one like him in history, for now.

Speaking of tennis, there is a player who appears in the top 10: it is Roger Federer, in ninth place and the first tennis player in this ranking. Between sponsors and prize money won on the field, the figure is around 1.8 billion dollars.

The Swiss tennis player is behind a series of champions such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Again according to the estimates made, the second tennis player present is Rafael Nadal: number 28 in the rankings, with 660 million dollars.

Third place in the world of tennis is the only sportswoman in this ranking: it is Serena Williams. The earnings of Serena Ventures, which she founded in 2014 and which has made more than 60 investments, are not included in the estimate.

The two positions following that of Serena Williams (who shares the position with the former American boxer Evander Holyfield, ed) are still two tennis players: position number 40 for Andre Agassi, number 41 for Novak Djokovic.

For the former US tennis player, the figure is estimated at 590 million; for the 23 times Grand Slam champion, the figure goes up to 575 million, but with a career still to continue.


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