Serena Williams’ family starts golf revolution, makes it a team sport

Serena Williams said the trophies won by Alexis Ohanian

Serena Williams’ husband recently explained how his family’s freshly launched golf club Los Angeles Golf Club is going to revolutionize the sport, which is seen by many as an exclusivist one, by introducing the features of team sports into it.

“The prospect of the team format, which was going to have all the banter, all the camaraderie, all the trash-talking that we love in team sports, now will play into golf combined with this element of a really high return on the investment, right?

For a two-hour time slot, we’re going to see the very best golfers in the world competing against one another in a really engaging format.

That is very appealing, even to a non-golf fan, and I just believe so strongly in sports overall as a tremendous growth opportunity in the next few decades. The prospect of a really modern team golf format that’s going to show the world ‘hey, this sport is actually for you’ is very very exciting,” Ohanian says in a video recently posted on social media.

Serena promoted the new golf club as well

Serena announced on her Instagram account the launch of the LA Golf Club.

“It’s official! I’m thrilled to announce my involvement with @tglgolf with the launch of @wearelagc – Los Angeles Golf Club. An important part of the spirit and purpose of LA Golf Club is making golf our own, for everybody, and I couldn’t be more excited to shape the future of this sport with my family @alexisohanian @olympiaohanian and @venuswilliams,” Serena captioned the video posted.


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