Serena Williams: 24 provoking pictures that overwhelmed everyone

Serena Williams Beach beautiful Photos


Tennis legend Serena Williams is rewarding herself with some fun in the sun following an extremely action-packed schedules in the months ahead. The tennis legend shared Snapchat videos from her trip to paradise on Thursday as she wore a neon yellow bikini which showed off all the results of her training.


The gold medalist was in a playful mood as she jumped upon the wooden deck, letting loose a bit during her vacation. The star twirled in a circle before hopping up slightly into the air and striking a pose.

Serena Williams sexy look

Serena Williams shows no one can compete with her out of this world curves in a tiny bikini. No wonder she is proud. ‘I learned to be proud of my curves and embrace my large boobs,’ Serena said.


The same week Serena Williams told the world that she has learned to love her ‘curves,’ the tennis ace has made sure everyone can see exactly what she is talking about. Serena had her slicked back while wearing a pair of sunglasses as she shimmied on the deck. Her sporty bikini had side ties and strategic cut-outs on the straps as to flash even more flesh.

Serena Williams unintentionally leaves her crop top unzipped, Looking Adorable in Crop

Laying out by the pool with a priceless ocean view, Serena was living in the lap of luxury. And the trip is a well-deserved one for the extraordinarily accomplished and versatile athlete, who has not had an exactly easy time as of late on the tennis court.

Serena Williams incredibly athletic figures: Serena Williams revealed that she has signed her daughter Olympia up for tennis lessons on Thursday, and the famous athlete made the announcement from the comfort of her incredible walk-in-wardrobe!

'I love my curves!' 7 Serena Williams stunning Curvy Pictures - That will Turn you on

Serena’s clothes could be seen hanging neatly in sectioned compartments, and the room’s lush wooden flooring was also visible. Stylish spotlights flooded the area with light, but most impressive of all was the personalised show space for Serena’s bags and a select few pair of shoes.

As she walked out of the wardrobe into another area of the house, the tennis champion also revealed that she had a retro-looking dressmaker’s mannequin in her wardrobe, which could be seen sitting in a glass cabinet.

A collection of 15 captivating photos provides undeniable evidence that Serena Williams adores showcasing her radiant and beautiful skin.

Serena Williams shows off her incredibly athletic figure: For quite some time, Serena Williams has been a sex symbol. Obviously, the hip hop world was up on the appeal of the Williams sisters, long before the mainstream. Definitely, Serena is a high-profile woman.

Serena Williams is all about the positive vibes and she brought those to Instagram, this morning. For no reason, she showed up in this catsuit, and fans say she is showing out. They are giving her props for just giving life, as fans and celebrities, alike, stan for her.

I'm so in the zone," Williams says. "You have to purge your mind of everything." Cause controversy among fans

Serena Williams keeps on hitting the headlines for what she does on and off the court. Again, she posts video dancing sexy in the bathroom.

Giving it some welly: Serena Williams could perhaps have benefited from a more supportive bra in her numerous matches. However, Serena’ b00bs seem to have a mind of their own; they usually appear to be talking to her fans; talking to the men with sensual tones and, in a sense talking to the women with pleasure tones!! Watch out guys, the b00bs will have your eyes popped out.

Serena Williams: 10 Provoking Pictures We Can’t Stop Looking At …

Serena Williams certainly made sure all eyes were on her as she stripped down to a skimpy bikini while she soaked up the sun in Nassau, Bahamas earlier this week. The set pulses racing as she showed off her washboard abs and extremely pert derriere in a pair of bright orange bikini bottoms and a plunging floral top.

The tennis ace also added some extra support with a nude sports bra and looked like she was happier than ever as she made her way across the sand. Serena was joined on the vacation by her fellow sports star sister Venus Williams and their mother Oracene Price, with the group engaging in many different water sports activities.

Serena Williams On Miami Beach

Serena Williams shows no one can compete with her out of this world curves in a tiny bikini. No wonder she is proud. ‘I learned to be proud of my curves and embrace my large boobs,’ Serena said.

The legendary tennis lady put her muscular but shapely physique on full display in Miami, Florida, on Wednesday. The sports star splashed her way through a fun day at the beach with friends.

Serena Williams in Barbados relaxes on the beach photo

Looking like she was having a blast, the player and a girlfriend alternated between soaking up the sun on beach chairs and sipping on drinks in the small waves.

For her fun day in the sun, the Olympian was definitely not hiding away her shapely derriere. Instead Serena donned a black and patterned bikini, which she pulled up over her hips, drawing attention to her rear end that would even give Kim Kardashian a run for her money.


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