“Remember Kayla Nicole”: Travis Kelce’s Pregnant -Girlfriend Hits Headlines Amid Twist in Travis Swift Dating

“Remember Kayla Nicole”: Travis Kelce's Pregnant -Girlfriend Hits Headlines Amid Twist in Travis Swift Dating


Pop icon Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs tight-end, Travis Kelce have been linked for a month now. Soon after being rumored dating, Taylor’s sudden appearance at the Chiefs’ game is the hot topic at the moment. On September 24th, the Chicago Bears faced the Chiefs at the Arrowhead Stadium in week three NFL match. Bears lost the game by 41-10, but that was the least of the concerns for the Kansas City fans.


“Remember Kayla Nicole”: Travis Kelce's Pregnant -Girlfriend Hits Headlines Amid Twist in Travis Swift Dating

The home crowd was more interested in the pop singer’s sighting next to Travis’ mother, Donna Kelce. They were seen giggling and celebrating together, in Chiefs’ jerseys. Speculations went wilder later, as the two were seen leaving the stadium in Travis’s convertible after the game ended. Amid the heat of the moment, the netizens have remembered the unexpected reason for Travis’s breakup with ex-girlfriend Kayla Nicole.

What was Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole’s ‘Dealbreaker’?

Kayla Nicole, Kelce’s ex-girlfriend, broke up with him in 2022, citing that the player made her pay “half of everything” during their time together. This, per the reports, consisted of every date, every trip, and almost everything. While it kicked off in a typical modern-day style on Instagram, it lasted for five years. After that, the pair went their ways.

Although the news of the reason behind the breakup led to many speculations , the footballer addressed the matter. He said, “We were in a relationship for five years. A hundred dollars here, a hundred dollars there wasn’t even thought about.”

Following that, the Chiefs’ star stayed out of a relationship for three years. A Twitter account has recently brought up the story, saying that it would be a no-no situation for Swift if she had to do the same. With a touch of humor to his words, the account Tony Cordasco said, “If Taylor Swift had to pay for half of last night’s dinner that’s definitely a dealbreaker.”

However, while these assumptions and rumors take a round of the internet, the love between the two celebrities seems to be blooming. Their recent encounters seem to carry a warmth and wholesomeness, leading fans to think they’re a fine match.

Is Taylor the one for Travis?
Travis first admitted being attracted to Taylor in July in a podcast with his brother. He was disappointed over a failed attempt to give Taylor his number in a friendship bracelet after her concert in the Arrowhead stadium. What followed has been a fairytale story for Travis leading up to this point.

While no one exactly knows what happened in the next month and how Taylor eventually reached out to Travis, she seems to have liked his interest in her. Earlier this month, the two were spotted together for the first time. Later, Travis himself also addressed the speculations in an episode of the Pat McAfee show. But given past heartbreaks, is this the right pairing for both of them?

Swift herself parted ways with her long-time partner of six years Joe Alwyn earlier this year. The two were rumored to get married, with many believing they were engaged, but those hopes were dashed. Taylor is exceptional about capturing the tales of her escapades with romance through her extensive discography, one that perhaps Kelce will feature in one day. Hopefully, he falls in the Taylor Lautner category and not the John Mayer one.

With Swifties normally skeptical of Taylor’s trysts with love after her many heartbreaks and NFL fans not typically associated with the pop icon, why are Swifties and football fans alike raving over this match? Well, it’s anyone’s guess at this point. But at 33 each, both are probably looking to settle down. Not only that, but both are thought to have found something for each other, bringing them even closer.

Now, all eyes will be on this budding bond between the two and whether the dynamics will continue or not. Meanwhile, what do you think about the predictions with regard to this new love story?


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