“Rafael Nadal and Alcaraz underestimate and Slammed Novak Djokovic over latest announcement ” – Fans react


Rafael Nadal expressing surprise at Novak Djokovic’s Grand Slam title wins this season has sparked a heated discussion among tennis fans.


"Rafael Nadal  underestimate and Slammed Novak Djokovic over latest announcement " - Fans react

Djokovic clinched three Grand Slam titles in 2023, previously achieving this feat in 2011, 2015 and 2021. With his historic triumph at the US Open, the Serb became the first player, male or female, to win 24 Major titles in the Open Era. Furthermore, the World No. 1 surpassed Nadal’s tally of 22 Grand Slam titles and extended his lead over Roger Federer, who retired with 20 Major titles.

In a recent interview with Agencia EFE, Nadal disclosed that while he expected Djokovic to win a Grand Slam title this season, he did not imagine that the Serb would win three.

“The truth is that I imagined Djokovic winning Grand Slam this season, but I did not imagine him winning three because I think there is another young generation that is very powerful,” he said.
He also asserted that Carlos Alcaraz missed a significant opportunity to “prevent” the 36-year-old from winning the French Open. However, he stated that the 20-year-old redeemed himself by defeating the Serb in the Wimbledon Championships final.

“Alcaraz had a great opportunity at Roland Garros to prevent Djokovic from winning, but what happened physically happened to him, although after he made up for it and achieved something historic at Wimbledon,” he added.

Several fans were left surprised by the Spaniard’s comments, with one fan pointing that Nadal, of all people, should know better than to underestimate Djokovic.

“Nadal should know better than most to not underestimate what Djokovic can do,” the fan posted.
Another fan claimed that while Roger Federer appeared to have sincere praise for the Serb, Nadal’s remarks often contained a tinge of “jealousy” and “spite.”

“I try my best to stay neutral despite being a Nole fan. Roger over the years gained respect for Djokovic and in my opinion, he has been pretty open in sincerely praising Nole whenever he had an opportunity. But Nadal no matter how I try to read it, could sense that tad bit of jealousy in his interviews. Maybe due to translations idk but the spite is quite evident to see,” the fan commented.

One user cited the 22-time Grand Slam champion’s previous remarks and questioned why he appeared “salty” when discussing Djokovic’s achievements.

“I thought Rafa didn’t care about records? If that’s the case, why does he sound so salty about Djokovic in this comment?” the user posted.


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