Patrick Mahomes’ new car sparks controversy among NFL fans

Brittany Mahomes' new car sparks controversy among NFL fans


Brittany Mahomes has had a complex relationship with NFL fans, with some appreciating her content while others resorting to trolling the entrepreneur and her brother-in-law, Jackson Mahomes.


Brittany Mahomes' new car sparks controversy among NFL fans

In a surprising turn of events, Brittany’s latest social media update about her new car has managed to capture the attention of everyone.

The Mahomes family had embarked on a trip to Las Vegas for a special event called ‘The Match,’ featuring football stars Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce pitted against basketball legends Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. Throughout the event, the family shared exciting highlights with their followers.

However, it was in a later post where Brittany revealed a glimpse of her brand new car that things truly took off. The vehicle in question was an exquisite Escalade, boasting a sleek exterior and a powder blue interior.

Brittany Mahomes’ social media post unveiling “Mom Mobile” triggers mixed reactions among NFL fans
Taking to social media, Brittany shared her excitement, writing, “Mom got a new mom mobile.” In a video, she even addressed her daughter Sterling, who was seated in the backseat. It was a moment that showcased how quickly Sterling was growing up as Brittany attempted to engage her two-year-old toddler in conversation about the new vehicle.

While Brittany’s followers were quick to shower her with congratulations and compliments, not everyone was impressed. Reddit users, in particular, voiced their dissatisfaction with the new car’s price tag.


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