Patrick Mahomes’ daughter is already becoming muscular

Patrick Mahomes and Sterling Mahomes

NFL star shared how his daughter is following in his footsteps. With two athletes as parents, Sterling Mahomes was always going to lean into sports, however few expected it to happen as early as this.

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Despite being just two years old, where attention spans and interests are notoriously fleeting, the daughter of Patrick and Brittany Mahomes is already showing some interest in athletic endeavors, much to the delight of her parents.

“I didn’t even have to prepare her, Patrick Mahomes told E! News.

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“We never had taught her to play soccer, but she had watched soccer games with us just from going to the Kansas City Current games, and she literally started just kicking soccer balls into the goal.

“We never taught her how to kick, never taught her how to play, that’s just who she is.”

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Wife Brittany Matthews

It remains to be seen if this athletic prowess runs through both of the Mahomes children, with it difficult to gauge the potential of a seven-month-old like Bronze Mahomes, yet Patrick still commented on his athletic development.

“We’re getting there,” he joked. “I mean, he’s still at the age we’re trying to get him to crawl, so, we’re seeing where he’s at.

“I think the biggest thing is just them following their dreams.”

Brittany Mahomes and Sterling Mahomes

Mahomes hopes for sporting success for his children

Whilst clear he would be supportive of his children whatever they do, Patrick Mahomes couldn’t hide his joy at the possibility of both his children following in the footsteps of their mother and father.

“Obviously, I want them to play sports,” he added. “Me and Brittany both played sports growing up.

“I think there’s lots of values that you can learn from playing sports of all kinds.”


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