NFL Saddened By Travis Kelce’s Announcement

NFL Saddened By Travis Kelce's Announcement


Dating Taylor Swift probably doesn’t have many drawbacks outside of her schedule, which typically requires her to travel across the country on tour. Unfortunately for Travis Kelce, Swift’s tour is currently overseas, meaning he won’t see her on Thanksgiving.


NFL Saddened By Travis Kelce's Announcement

Travis revealed during a podcast episode this week with his brother, Jason, that he’ll be feasting alone on Thanksgiving. In fact, he’s not even cooking anything. He’ll turn to KFC to provide his Thanksgiving meal.

Jason offered to arrange some sort of meetup so Travis could spend some time with family chowing down on homeade food. But Travis appears to be just fine with spending the day alone.

Travis and the Chiefs already held a “Friendsgiving,” allowing Kansas City players to spend time with their families.

Fans are pretty sad that Travis Kelce will be alone today.

“Can we collectively give Travis spirit hugs,” one fan wrote. “I feel for him!”

“Kudos to Travis,” a fan said. “He looked very tired and down during this pod, and I commend him for slogging thru it.”

“You could see how Jason was trying to help cheer up Travis and help him to get out of his head,” a fan commented. “That’s family always looking out for the other.”

Travis is lucky to have the family he has. That kind of support is priceless.

Hopefully, Travis gets a call from Taylor Swift today. That’ll certainly brighten his day.


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