My son Travis has a pregnant girlfriend,Mom Donna begs Taylor swift to let go or dance to her music

Breaking News : Taylor Swift will be in Minnesota this Sunday, where Kelce and the Chiefs will play against the Vikings


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship is completely ‘platonic,’ a body language expert has claimed – despite singer acting like an ‘exaggerated fan girl’ while sitting alongside his mom at the Kansas City Chiefs game on Sunday.


The pop sensation, 33, was spotted cheering on her rumored new beau, 33, from a luxury suite at his team’s recent football game against the Chicago Bears.

Taylor was seen shouting and cheering enthusiastically as she watched the athlete score a touchdown on the field alongside his mother, Donna Kelce.

The two stars were also caught leaving the sporting event together – but unfortunately, body language expert Judi James is convinced that their very public date night and Taylor’s over-the-top excitement may all be for show.

Judi analyzed their interactions during and after the match exclusively for, and she admitted that it looked like Taylor was ‘trying hard to look like girlfriend material in front of the cameras.’

‘Her behavior looks like overkill, as though she’s trying too hard to look like girlfriend material,’ she explained.

‘The clutching and the open mouth are unusual responses to a thrilling game, they look like the kind of thing someone might do to look fun and engaged in front of the cameras.

‘Sitting beside Travis’ mother should have set the “future mother-in-law” bells ringing and Taylor’s behavior does suggest she was out to impress, with some very exaggerated displays of fangirl excitement as she threw her mouth open and clutched at least two people’s hands or wrists to suggest she was edge-of-her-seat thrilled.

‘But in terms of their body language as a couple, there is no actual visual confirmation that we might be seeing a new love for Taylor yet.’

Judi theorized that Travis is simply ‘filling Taylor’s dating vacancy’ at the moment, and pointed out that when the rumored lovebirds left the stadium together following the Chiefs’ 41-10 win, Taylor lingered slightly behind Travis.

She called this ‘untypical’ of the A-lister, explaining that she ‘normally’ takes the lead on dates.

‘This is not Taylor’s usual body language of romance,’ Judi pointed out. ‘Taylor is A-list and normally acts as one on dates.

But these first poses with Travis see him walking slightly ahead with a US/global sweetheart, with only the trace of a smug smile to suggest he’s aware of her presence.

‘Travis manages to make it look as though it’s his reputation and brand that really matters, while Taylor’s wider grin, expressive eyes, and that red Chief’s jacket with matching lipstick make her look like a complete fangirl, keener to align with his brand than to promote her own.

‘If Taylor is content to walk slightly behind Travis with no hand-holding or even any sense of more protective responses from him to take her through a crowd then this might not be “the one” for a woman who has trailed the likes of Harry Styles, Tom Hiddleston, and Joe Alwyn along behind her over the years.’

In the end, Judi said that while Taylor bonding with Travis’ mom and supporting the football star from the crowd decked out in Chiefs’ gear may ‘look like clues that it’s serious,’ their demeanors suggest that they’re still just getting to know one another.

‘The pair are clearly trying to play it cool in terms of going public but that might be because it actually is cool,’ she concluded.

‘Sitting with his mom and exploding with excitement while he plays might look like clues this one is serious, but in these pictures it still has the air of “platonic” over it right now.’

Another body language expert, Spin Genie’s Darren Stanton reiterated Judi’s claims, adding that while Taylor seemed ‘genuinely happy’ at the game, ‘there was nothing’ in her and Travis’ interactions to suggest that they are ‘romantically involved.’

‘From the photos and footage taken at the game, there’s nothing to suggest Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are romantically involved,’ he said.

‘As she walked alongside Travis, they were not holding hands, she didn’t have her arms in his, so I can’t see anything that could allude to them being romantically involved at the moment.

‘She did seem genuinely happy when cheering him on but there are no gestures when they are together that suggests anything of a romantic nature.’

Taylor and Travis first sparked dating rumors earlier this month, when a source told The Messenger at the time that they had been ‘quietly hanging out.’

On his podcast, New Heights, the two-time Super Bowl winner admitted that he had tried – and failed – to make a move on the Anti-Hero songstress at one of her Eras Tour concerts in Kansas City back in July.

The athlete said he had his phone number inscribed on a bracelet, which he planned to present to the pop star – but unfortunately, he was not able to get it to her.

‘She doesn’t meet anybody and she doesn’t – or at least she didn’t want to meet me,’ he said.

‘I was disappointed that she doesn’t talk before or after her shows because she has to save her voice for the 44 songs that she sings, but I was a little butthurt I didn’t get to hand her one of the bracelets I’ve made for her.’

Although he was unable to talk to Taylor face-to-face at the show, he had nothing but warm words for her performance, which he hailed as ‘an unbelievable show.’

Days later, Travis’ brother, Jason Kelce, spoke out about their rumored romance on WIP Morning Show – and he said he believed the speculation was ‘100 per cent true.’

‘I think things are going great and I think it’s 100 per cent true,’ he said. ‘I don’t really know a lot about what’s happening in Travis’ love life. You know, his business is his business and I try to stay out of that world.’

Then, during an appearance on Pat McAfee’s show, Travis admitted that he had invited Taylor to come see him play.

‘It’s life, baby. I threw it out there, I threw the ball in her court,’ revealed the athlete. ‘I said, “I’ve seen you rock the stage in Arrowhead [stadium], you might have to come see me rock the stage in Arrowhead, and see which one’s a little more lit.” We’ll see what happens in the near future.’

Afterwards, a source told that ‘Travis and Taylor are talking and Travis is absolutely interested.’

‘He has shot his shot and would love to take Taylor on a date and see where they can go in the relationship department,’ they added.

‘The one problem that they have now is that their schedules are so all over the place that it is difficult to get together without being seen and everything else that comes from being the celebrities that they are.

It isn’t organic to Travis and his liking, but he certainly likes the rumors, because he actually would love to date Taylor if she would give him a chance.’

A separate insider told The Messenger that the hitmaker finds Travis ‘very charming,’ and that they’re ‘having fun’ together.

The pair are ‘seeing where things go,’ according to the source, who insisted that it’s ‘nothing serious.’

They added that the NFL star is a little ’embarrassed’ by how much attention their romance has gotten.

Travis previously dated influencer Kayla Nicole on-and-off for five years, before their romance came to an end in May 2022.

Taylor recently split from her boyfriend-of-six-years, Joe Alwyn, in April 2023.

Travis also appeared to have supported Taylor’s upcoming 1989 album re-release by wearing a special outfit when entering the stadium on Sunday.

He donned a paint-splattered denim suit by Kid Super, which is called the ‘1989 Bedroom Painting set.’


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