‘My best friend is dead’: Serena Williams mourns the loss of her …

Richard Williams Venus and Serena Williams

A pair of strokes have left Richard Williams, father of Venus and Serena Williams, so ill he can barely speak, according to a new report.

The 81-year-old Mr. Williams suffered a pair of strokes a couple of years ago and also suffers from a neurological condition that inhibits his speech, according to a Daily Mail report citing Florida’s Palm Beach County Circuit Court records.

Richard Williams and Chavoita LeSane

Chavoitalesane@ We had a long drive from coast to coast, but I truly enjoyed this time with my Dad…It’s been a few years since we traveled.

I loved every second! Mr. Williams has issued power of attorney to his 47-year-old son, Chavoita LeSane, who is also his interpreter. LeSane is one five children Richard Williams has from his first marriage, which ended in divorce in 1973. Mr. Williams wed Oracene Price, Venus and Serena’s mother, in 1980.

Richard Williams and son Chavoita LeSane are fighting a legal battle with Mr. Williams’ estranged wife, Lakeisha. The couple have a eight-year-old son, Dylan.
Serena nd Richard Williams

In a legal papers filed on November 27th in Palm Beach County, attorneys claim that Lakeisha forged Richard Williams’ signature on mortgage papers which transferred his Florida home to her, the Daily Mail reports.

Mr. Williams’ attorneys filed examples of his signature from 2002 compared to the signature on the 2017 mortgage papers they allege are forgeries.

Richard n Serena Williams, Venus, and Step mumRichard n Serena Williams, Venus, and Step mum

Additionally, attorneys argued even if Mr. Williams did sign the mortgage papers his “mental capacity was compromised” as a result of his strokes therefore he did not understand what he was signing.

Richard Williams tennis

While it was widely reported Mr. Williams had suffered one stroke, court records reveal he suffered two strokes.

When Serena Williams wed Alexis Ohanian on December 29th, 2016, sister Venus was among several family members at the New Orleans wedding, which included celebrity guests Beyoncé, Anna Wintour, Kelly Rowland and Kim Kardashian.

Mr. Williams did not attend Serena’s wedding, reportedly because he was recovering.

Serena Williams is bereaved… her ‘best friend’ has passed away

The tennis pro, fashion designer, entrepreneur and mom, Serena Williams has had her Jack Russell Terrier since she was 17. Tennis superstar Serena Williams is nursing a broken heart, after her beloved pet Jackie passed away yesterday.

The dog was 16 years young, as Serena shared with her fans in a tribute to Jackie that she posted on her Instagram page. The touching post, revealed that Serena got the Jack Russell Terrier in 1999 and that her dad was by her side as they said goodbye.


Serena Williams and daughter Olympia

Today really is hard for me. My special friend in which I got at 17 (2 weeks before I won my very first Grand Slam) left me today. She was 16 years young and up until a few days ago was still sprinting.

Her poor body gave out this morning and she had a way of telling me it was time for me to be brave and let her go. With my dad by my side we were able to say a loving goodbye.

Serena Williams pet dog
Serena Williams’ pet dog

She was with me from 1999 until today and I miss her so much. I got out of the shower this afternoon and she was not there to lick my leg as she always did everyday to remind me how much she loved me.

I feel so lucky to have such a special friend. Give your dog, cat, pet a big hug. #breakingheart #bff Jackie Baila Pete Williams I will miss you and your memory will live forever.


Serena Williams dog

According to Williams, despite Jackie’s age she was still sprinting up until a few days ago. However, Tuesday morning the dog’s body started to give out and Serena knew that it was time to let her go.

The dog, whose full name is Jackie Baila Pete Williams also lived with Serena’s two other dogs, Lauralei and Chip.

Williams posted multiple photos commemorating Jackie on her Instagram and posted a minute-long video on Snapchat where she introduces her fans to Jackie and calls her “the love of her life.”

Serena Williams pet dog
Serena Williams’ pet dog

Losing a pet is never easy and the tennis pro’s fans are sending her plenty of well wishes on social media in this trying time.


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