Kansas city Chiefs Team Saddened as coach Andy Reid face Trouble with NFL

Kansas city Chiefs In Saddened as coach Andy Reid face Trouble with NFL


By the time coach Andy Reid realized the game was probably lost, he likely made reactionary decisions that may have cost him the game against the Detroit Lions on Thursday Night Football’s season opener. It was quite a shocking scene watching the reigning Super Bowl champions go through that roller coaster last night and watching all Lions fans celebrate was also part of this entire moment. But when the game was still on the line, coach Andy Reid made a last-minute decision that may have cost him the game for good. Nobody in the NFL world understands why he did this and he got ruthlessly trolled for it. And for everybody who ws paying attention, this was definitely coach Reid’s call. No question about it.


Kansas city Chiefs In Saddened as coach Andy Reid face  Trouble with NFL

With 2:09 left on the clock, the Kansas City Chiefs had a fourth-and-25 play from their own 30-yard line. The Chiefs still had three timeouts left and the two-minute warning was still coming. But pressure got the best of Andy Reid and he decided to risk it, he went for it and that was his biggest mistake. A pass incompletion and the Lions took over the ball, effectively winning the game when the Chiefs had everything to get back in it. Needless to say, coach Reid was completely roasted on X and other social media that caught wind of what happened. There was no reason for coach Reid to risk it that way but pressure does play a huge part in these moments. Throughout the entire game, Reid was also unwilling to go for it on fourth-and-short, which makes this decision all the more puzzling.

Patrick Mahomes nearly salvaged coach Reid’s blunder
Despite this game-defining call, Patrick MAhomes himself nearly completed a play that would’ve made coach Reid look like a football savant but it wasn’t possible. During that play, the QB made a shift to his left and tossed a fairly catchable pass to Skyy Moore but he couldn’t control the ball. In the end, the Chiefs weren’t able to convert and got roasted by pundits on social media. Wide receiver Kadarius Toney’s butter hands still take the top spot as the biggest bust of the game but coach Reid’s decisions still does take a close second. All folks with Kansas City Chiefs stars on their Fantasy Football roster must be fuming right about now.


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