Kansas city Chiefs In consternation as Patrick Mahomes loses $209m worth Property

Kansas city Chiefs In consternation as Patrick Mahomes loses $209m worth Property


Patrick Mahomes is off to the best start to a career by any quarterback in NFL history. In just four years as a starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, he has accumulated an impressive 58-16 overall record while winning an NFL MVP award, Super Bowl ring, Super Bowl MVP, and two AFC Conference Championships.


Kansas city Chiefs In consternation as Patrick Mahomes loses $209m worth Property

No doubt Patrick Mahomes is a special talent, and the Chiefs rewarded him with the largest contract in NFL history, including more than 500 million dollars across ten years. Mahomes immediately put his money to work, making several significant investments to increase his financial value. Here are five of his most important assets.

Hyperice is an athletic brand that focuses on developing recovery products, such as various massagers and stretching devices for different muscle groups. They recently partnered with the NFL and have grown exponentially since then.

Mahomes is not only one of the brand ambassadors for Hyperice, but he is also one of the company’s major investors. He is paid for endorsements, commercials, and advertisements while also owning a stake in the fast-growing company.

#2 – Whoop

Whoop is another athletic company that is rapidly rising in value. Mahomes made a significant investment in the company in 2020, and less than two years later, they have already tripled in value. They have expanded their compatibility with other major athletic trackers such as Apple Health and Peloton.

Whoop tracks workouts and outputs, giving its users critical data to enhance their performance and optimize their routine. It’s a relatively similar concept to Fit Bit and other performance trackers.

Patrick Mahomes’ most significant business investments

3 – Kansas City Royals

Owning a professional sports franchise is one of the most profitable businesses worldwide. The value of almost every individual central team increases in value every year, making it a wise investment.

It’s an expensive investment, but Mahomes bought a share of the Kansas City Royals baseball team in the MLB shortly after receiving his mega-contract from the Kansas City Chiefs. He immediately committed 10 million dollars to his initial ownership share.

#4 – Sporting Kansas City

In addition to buying partial ownership of the Kansas City Royals baseball team, Mahomes also purchased a stake in Sporting Kansas City, a professional soccer team in the MLS. While soccer has historically struggled in the USA, it has been making a rapid surge in financial value and public interest over the last several years.

Mahomes has firmly planted his foundation in Kansas City, owning part of the Royals and Sporting while serving as the quarterback for the Chiefs. His wife, Brittany Matthews, also owns a share of the Kansas City women’s soccer team in the NWSL.

#5 – Whataburger

Whataburger is a Texas-based fast-food franchise that focuses primarily on burgers and fries, as well as many other traditional fast food-style menu items. Mahomes, from Texas, is part of a new franchise ownership group that partnered with the restaurant to officially bring it to Kansas and Missouri in the Kansas City area.

Mahomes continues to strengthen his foundation in Kansas City by bringing 30 Whataburger locations to the area over the next seven years. He has already got the city a Super Bowl ring and will now bring them a popular burger chain.


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