Jeo Burrow send a clear warning to NFL

Jeo Burrow send a clear warning to NFL


No, Cincinnati Bengals star Joe Burrow isn’t asking for your money via Facebook, according to his foundation.


Jeo Burrow send a clear warning to NFL

The Joe Burrow Foundation warned fans Thursday that scammers have been impersonating the quarterback, attempting to solicit money from people.

In a statement, the foundation said scammers have been asking fans for money through social media direct messages, emails and other platforms, all while impersonating Burrow and his foundation. To avoid scams, the foundation encouraged those looking to support the quarterback’s charitable endeavor to do so directly at

Last month, the Joe Burrow Foundation gave $1.3 million to 24 organizations in Greater Cincinnati and Louisiana working to overcome food insecurity and childhood mental health issues.

Burrow and his family founded the foundation in October 2022 with the mission of providing resources and support for the underprivileged and underserved, according to the organization’s website.

The 27-year-old was declared out for the season after injuring his wrist during the Bengals’ 34-20 loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Nov. 16.


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