I think Travis Kelce pulled off ‘dangerous play’ Just so to impress Taylor Swift – Travis faces online Trolls

I think Travis Kelce pulled off 'dangerous play' Just so to impress Taylor Swift - Travis faces online Trolls


Yesterday, the Kansas City Chiefs earned their sixth victory of the season as tight end Travis Kelce and quarterback Patrick Mahomes had a stellar outing to secure a 31-17 victory over division rival, the Los Angeles Chargers.


I think Travis Kelce pulled off 'dangerous play' Just so to impress Taylor Swift - Travis  faces  online Trolls

Kelce had the biggest game of his season, hauling in 12 catches for a total of 179 yards and a touchdown. Travis Kelce had an unusual touchdown, as Mahomes threw him a short lob that Kelce got in the middle of a pile and muscled in for the score.

Mahomes also had arguably the best game of his season completing 32-out-of-42 passes for 424 yards and four touchdowns.

Undisputed host Skip Bayless spoke about the Chiefs’ victory and thinks that Kelce pulled off his dangerous touchdown to impress Taylor Swift, who once again, was in attendance.

“I don’t even know how Travis got it in the endzone,” Bayless said. “It was a dangerous play but the point was flash up to the box Taylor Swift and Mahomes’ wife had choreographed and obviously rehearsed a touchdown celebration.””It looked like Travis is showing off for Taylor and I don’t blame him at all because she’s a big deal,” he added. “I’ve never seen anything like the lack of route running of Travis, this guy runs his own solo route. He just goes and Patrick just stays right with him.”

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Shortly after Travis Kelce scored his touchdown, the cameras focused in on Swift, who was celebrating with Mahomes’ wife, Brittney. Swift was even seen sporting a custom-made 87 bracelet during yesterday’s game.

Travis Kelce has 48 receptions for 525 yards and four touchdowns on the season.

Can the Kansas City Chiefs repeat as Super Bowl champions?

After the seventh week of the 2023 regular season, the Kansas City Chiefs hold the best record in the AFC at 6-1. There have been no signs of them slowing down over the past five seasons.

The Chiefs have four divisional games left this season, two against the Las Vegas Raiders, one against the Chargers, and one more against the Denver Broncos.

After facing Denver this week, they will have two tough games in back-to-back weeks vs. the Miami Dolphins and the Philadelphia Eagles. As of right now, the Chiefs remain pretty healthy and seem like the AFC favorite.


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