I have butterflies in my stomach” Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce READY for Marriage! “set to wed February

I have butterflies in my stomach


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have taken their romance to the next level — and they have no intentions of slowing things down! Perfect timing considering it is cuffing season after all!


I have butterflies in my stomach" Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce READY for Marriage! "set to wed February

So, what’s all the fuss about? After dating for just a few months, the couple has officially started saying the L-word! WHOA!!! Us Weekly got the intel from a few sources on Wednesday, with one person claiming they recently started using the meaningful word, pointing out the obvious:

“They’re in love.”

Aw!! Another insider insisted things are “getting very serious” and that “Taylor sees long-term potential with Travis.” A third source pointed out

“They love to talk for hours, just the two of them. Taylor tells friends Travis is sweet and smart, and she can’t get enough of him.”

Of course, it’s not easy to be long-distance so early into the romance, but the musician and football player are making it work, the source went on:

“They have very detailed plans coming up while she’s on tour and he has games. Taylor and Travis have the next few months completely laid out. They don’t want to start their relationship off with big gaps [in time spent apart]. They’re trying to be as much like a regular couple as possible.”

So far, this has included taking turns supporting the other at work, something that’s given them the chance to blend their worlds. When it comes to the NFL, the Grammy winner has worked hard to make friends with the other team wives and girlfriends, the first source said:

“Taylor’s working extra hard to be friends with all the Kansas City wives and girlfriend. Taylor’s loving her newfound friendships with the [partners] of Travis’ teammates. She appreciates that they know how to have fun and plans on getting together with them again very soon.”

Similarly, the Kansas City Chief star has proven his loyalty and dedication to Swift by traveling to Argentina for the Eras Tour, where he “loved meeting Taylor’s dad; they had a great conversation,” the first source elaborated:

“Travis being there for Taylor’s show brought them even closer. […] Travis wants to do all he can to be with her, and Taylor’s excited for him to see what she does and how crazy it is.”

He also plans to attend more concerts in the future, too! So get ready for more swoon-worthy moments from them at shows!!

While these public outings have been adorable to watch as outsiders, it’s obviously a LOT of attention on just two people. Addressing this, a fourth source didn’t seem worried about the tight end’s ability to handle the spotlight:

“He’s used to fans going crazy in football, so it’s not such a shock. Taylor knows it’s a lot for anyone to handle, but Travis learned to manage it over the years with NFL fans and not let it affect him.”


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