Donna Kelce’s position on Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s relationship /marriage

Donna Kelce's position on Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift's relationship /marriage


With any new relationship, getting the approval of your partner’s family is one of the more important steps in developing a lifelong bond. But for the Kelce family, that’s been a process played out on the national stage.


Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has tied himself to pop superstar Taylor Swift in the past two weeks – with their quickly developing romance one of the biggest stories in sports.

Swift has shown up to Travis’s games in Weeks 3 and 4 – first in Kansas City and then again in New York.

At both of those stops, Donna Kelce – Travis’s mother – has sat by watching with a grin as the pop star cheers on her son. But Donna is only one part of the Kelce family.

From his father, who never gave them greens growing up, to his brother who Travis followed into the NFL, MailSport takes a look at the most talked about family in football.

Jason Kelce
Starting off with the brother that got Travis into football to begin with, Jason Kelce is just one year older than the Chiefs tight end.

Jason played both running back and linebacker in high school football outside of Cleveland, Ohio. But he also partook in sports like hockey and basketball.

On an episode of their ‘New Heights’ podcast filmed after Super Bowl LVII was played, Travis admitted that he followed his brother into football.

‘The crazy part is I would never be playing this damn game if it wasn’t for you,’ Travis told his brother. Jason replied, saying ‘Stop, yes you would.’

‘It’s the truth, man, I followed your footsteps into it. When you started playing football… so you started playing hockey, I started playing hockey. You started playing football, I started playing football. I’ve kinda just been followin’ your footsteps throughout this whole gig.’

Travis kept following Jason’s footsteps to the University of Cincinnati – with Jason getting drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2011.

These days, Jason is part of one of the best offensive line units in all of the NFL and he has a Super Bowl win of his own – when Philadelphia beat New England in Super Bowl LII.

He’s been named to the All-Pro first-team five times and the Pro Bowl six times


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