Donna Kelce Reveals the One Food Travis and Jason Kelce Hated as a Kid

Donna Kelce Reveals the One Food Travis and Jason Kelce Hated as a Kid


If you’re Donna Kelce, you’re probably considered one of the luckiest women on the planet. To have two amazingly talented sons who went head-to-head for a Super Bowl ring, that stick together like glue and just want to make their mom proud? Who wouldn’t desire such a lovely life?!


While there’s no denying that seeing her boys shine in their own right and together is the light of her life, Donna Kelce is quickly becoming her own type of celebrity and her latest collaboration with Heluva Good! gives us a look into how to throw the best Super Bowl party, DK-style.

Teaming up with the popular brand to launch the Big Game Countdown Calendar — a seven day countdown that includes a variety of delicious dips and surprises for your own game day party — Mama Kelce sat down with Parade to let us in on all things entertaining and, of course, a few things about two of America’s newest sweethearts: her sons Jason and Travis.


“It’s really kind of interesting because I’ve been using them (the dips) for years. I love their French Onion, Buttermilk Ranch, the Jalapeño Cheddar and the Heluva Good! White Cheddar Bacon,” she said. “I also have a 7-layer dip recipe using the Jalapeño Cheddar that’s really, really tasty.”

Stating the the Countdown Calendar is “brilliant” and “one of those things that will build up the excitement towards the game,” the sports and cheese-themed advent calendar wasn’t the only thing that made Donna Kelce smile from ear-to-ear. When the topic of her boys came up, she held back nothing — especially when we touched on both Travis and Jason’s least favorite foods.

“I would definitely say any kind of vegetable for Travis. Spinach, you name it. Not a big fan of veggies,” she told Parade. “But Jason would pretty much eat anything you put in front of him as long as it had butter or cheese.”

Noting that veggies were an “afterthought” for both Kelce boys as it is for most kids, Mama Kelce did clarify that Travis — though now someone who will eat most anything (except mayo) — definitely takes the title as the pickier eater amongst the two.


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