Novak Djokovic takes High Road at Rafael Nadal Disrespect

Novak Djokovic takes high road at Rafael Nadal disrespect


Tennis fans are already rubbing their hands together at the prospect of the greatest rivalry in tennis history, that between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, continuing next season.


Novak Djokovic takes high road at Rafael Nadal disrespect

According to Craig Tiley, director of the Australian Open, Nadal will be at the first Grand Slam of 2024 from January 14 to 28. Djokovic, 10-time Open champion, will also be there to defend his title.

Should the Spaniard make it to the event, something that remains to be seen, he will be put into the draw thanks to an invitation from the organisers. He is currently ranked 240 and will have nine months and nine tournaments to utilise the protected ranking.

Nadal’s recently spoke to Movistar+, and asserted Novak’s obsession with being the player with the most major titles.

“For him it would have been a bigger frustration not to get it,” Nadal said. “And maybe that’s why he achieved it, he has taken his ambitiousness to the maximum (he has 24 Grand Slam wins).

“I have been ambitious, but with a healthy ambition that allowed me to see things from a different perspective, not to be frustrated, not to get more angry than necessary on the court when things weren’t going well.”

Djokovic, speaking to Sportal, was clear in his response: “I don’t agree with what Nadal has said about me. But I’m not going to speak badly about him or Federer. The respect I have for them overcomes any negative opinions I may have of them.”

Fans are excited
There are 95 days to go until the Australian Open and tickets are selling out fast. The dream of seeing Nadal against Djokovic again may become a reality on the courts of Melbourne Park.


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