Did Patrick Mahomes response sarcastically to Travis Kelce mother’s ‘torture’ claim

Did Patrick Mahomes response sarcastically to Travis Kelce mother's 'torture' claim


When it comes to the ever-changing world of dating, one undisputed rule of thumb is to make the best impression possible when attempting to attract your crush of choice. And while renowned romantic Taylor Swift is certainly no stranger when it comes to boarding the love train, perhaps acclaimed athlete Travis Kelce needed an extra push from teammate Patrick Mahomes in regards to impressing Swift while she attended a recent Chiefs football game.


Did Patrick Mahomes response sarcastically  to Travis Kelce mother's 'torture' claim

During a game between the Chiefs and the Bears yesterday afternoon, Mahomes, who serves as the towering quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, made sure to lend a helping hand in the passing game as he assisted Kelce, who serves as the team’s star tight end, in impressing Swift. During the broadcast, Swift was showcased sitting beside Kelce’s mom Donna, with the duo even celebrating when Kelce caught an explosive touchdown in the end zone from Mahomes in the third quarter.

Following the game, Mahomes was asked in an interview about the pressure he might have felt once he was informed that Swift was in attendance for the game. Mahomes jokingly explained that he felt some pressure, which actually motivated him to “get it to Trav” so that he could score in front of Swift after the ever-popular tight end invited her to the game.

This entire situation unfolded after months of speculation as to whether or not Kelce and Swift are an actual item or if the pair is simply only in the dating stages as of right now. Either way, there’s absolutely no denying the nation is wrapped up in their dynamic right now — which even includes the quarterback of the Chiefs putting on his Cupid hat.


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